Written by RC

12 Jan 2006

My story begins when I was in my first week of a new job and just getting to know the other staff, it was a small company of around 30 people. On my fourth night I was just leaving when Dave said "Hey Sally, Kevin will give you a lift home, he goes your way". Not wanting to sound rude I said "Yes sure" without asking where she lived.

Sally was a tiny girl, pretty face although not beautiful, small tits which were inside a tight fitting jumper, fit arse that was in a tight black skirt. We walked to the car park and Dave laughed and said to me "Have a good night". Sally and I proceeded to the car. Once inside I asked her where she lived and it was no where near me.

We chatted pleasantly on the journey and arriving at her flat she asked me in for a coffee. I said I shouldnt but she said it was the least she could do as I dropped her off. I had only just followed her through the door when she turned and threw herself at me. Our lips met with force and her tongue was forcing its way in my mouth, I responded although a little shocked.

She pulled away and said "I love cock" and with this slid herself and her hands down my body, she was quickly undoing my flies, although shocked my cock was already starting to rise. She whipped him out said "Nice and big" and sank her mouth over it. She was working away and moaning and groaning. every now and then she would pull it from her mouth, continue wanking me and say "I love cock". Her movements were getting faster and faster and her hand was on the shaft of my cock, I felt myself cumming and fired my load into her mouth. She licked my knob end clean.

With this she stood up, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She had me naked in an instant and told me to lie on the bed. She then proceeded to peal her clothes off sexilly. Her tits were small but just enough of a hand full and her pussy beautifully trimmed to a perfect V. She joined me on the bed and said "I love cock" but I had already gathered that. I ran my hands over her body, teasing her nipples, then licking and flicking them with my tongue. I carried on down her body, as I got to her navel I could see a small run of blonde hairs, I followed these down to the V, carried on going until I found her love hole, she was already wet and I slid my finger in her. then moved up to her clit. I look up at her and said "I love fanny" she laughed and I slipped my tongue into her slit. My cock was now rising, I moved back up her body placed my cock on the entrance to her hole, she tried to push up to get it in her, I pulled away, we did this a couple of times before I lowered myself onto her and slid my cock inside. She was a fantastic lover, thrusted her pelvis back at me with every thrust, demanded I take her in all positions and even let me stick my cock up her arse.

The next day at the office all the guys were chuckling to themselves, they had also experienced Sally, however after they had just ignored her. I remained friends and whenever I wanted lovers with her. Later she became my secretary, how the other guys were jealous as we booked business trips away together. By the way she still loves cock.