Written by Natalie

4 Dec 2006

My husband left me in May of this year,i spent two months wallowing in self pity finally pulling myself together during the two weeks which i had booked off for summer.

I lazed about in my garden drinking wine and cursing my circumstances.I fell into a routine of having a walk after lunch to shed the pounds and think.

I would walk miles and explore the local countryside to which i am fairly new.On one such afternoon i was taken short,finding a grassy area in amongst the bracken i squatted pulled my bikini pants to one side and let go.

The turning point was noticing my hairy unkempt state,I rushed back to the house stripped off and took a long hard look in the mirror.I ran a bath lit some candles put in some girly fragrance and drank more wine.

Decisions made, I took my razor and shaved myself smooth(my ex liked a small strip).Feeling better i watched a little TV before retiring early to read a saucy novel.

The following afternoon I passed my little grassy haven,this time on hitching my short denim skirt i removed my bikini bottoms completely and after relieving myself admired the difference.

My smooth bald pussy was all red and puffed up, the inner lips peaking through showing signs of arousal for the first time in months.

I rubbed my new baldness with several fingertips enjoying the touch which sent a shiver right through me.I stood up removed my blouse,skirt and bikini top.Laying back on my discarded clothes i opened my legs raised my knees, rubbing my inner thighs and pubic area with my left hand i used the other to rub my clit directly before dipping a finger into the wetness.

I was so overcome with the moment that at one point i had three fingers inside myself and after raising my bottom from the ground one from my other hand gently teasing my anus.

God,I came hard.Emotionally and physically i was back i dressed quickly suddenly aware of the surroundings.