Written by doc

25 Jan 2005

I am a 72 year old woman married to a great but impotent

74 year old man. We are white middleclass people who used to have an enjoyable sex life until prostate cancer treatment ended my husbands performance ability.

I never complained but, my cunt was hungry !

One day while I was out shopping, I had encountered this black sailor who was about the same size as my husband and had pretty much the same build and appearance only darker.

We were both sitting in a sidewalk cafe, having a cup of coffee and for some reason, I asked him where he was from.

He said he as from San Diego and was just on leave for a week.

The longer we talked the more excited I felt my cunt salivating like it had not done in years. I also noticed that this man was not impaired in the genitle department as his cock was quite nicely outlined in his trousers and, it looked like a nice sized cock !!

One thing let to another and we walked out to the parking lot together where he went to his late model van. It was obviously a source of his pride as it was clean and well maintained. He asked if I would like to see the inside of the van and, again, I don't know what came over me but, I said sure.

We got into the van which was beautifully upholstered inside

and again very clean.

Clinically speaking, I am in pretty good shape and have been told many times that I look like I am in my 40's with a pretty decent shape. Today I was wearing a light summer dress.

Again, I was doing strange things, but I just told hime that we appreciated his service to his country and if he would not mind I would like to see him without any clothes on.

He knew it was comming and asked if we should move to the back of his van and close the privacy curtain. I agreed and we moved to the back. He asked me if I would do the honors of removing his clothes to which I readily agreed.

He was in very good shape and soon we both had all of our clothes off and were fondling each other and kissing and really enjoying ourselves.

His cock was about the same size as my husbands, 6 1/2 x 3

and was a beautiful dark chocolate color. I didn't realize

how much I had missed playing with a hard cock and this one

was so pretty.

We did 69 and everything in between and soon he was sliding that gorgeous chocolate cock into my hungry vanilla cunt and it was incredible !!!

As he slide that cock in and out of my cunt I know I must have had at least 3 extremely enjoyable orgasms before he finally shot his jizz deep inside of me. I cannot tell you how incrediblely wonderful that felt.

After a couple of hours of that, I told him I had to go. We started getting dressed and I just had to suck that beautiful cock one more time. I loved stroking his balls while I sucked that awesome cock until he shot some more very tasty jizz into my mouth.

When I got out of the van we thanked each other for the great ride and I went home to my dear husband.