Written by Peter

20 Sep 2005

I just wanted to share my most recent meet of last friday with some of you who have enjoyed my other experiences shown on here(especially Lisa,Dawn and Cheryl lol).I had been emailing/phone chatting with Linda & Barry for about three weeks and they eventually agreed to meet up and I was pleased as Linda looked stunning in her pictures and I wanted to get to grips with her big time.Barry gave me the name of a pub not far from us both and we agreed a time of 8.00 in the evening and the day flew by and I was soon sat at the bar 15 minutes early sipping a drink chatting with the young girl behind the bar who was getting me hot and horny by bending over allowing me a great view of her arse in her short skirt and I was getting neckache when I kept turning round when the door opened and Mary the barmaid asked if I had been blown out when it went dark and someone said "guess who?" It was Linda and Barry and they apologised for being late and we all got a drink and found a secluded area and Linda sat next to me whilst Barry sat opposite and I had a great view of Lindas tanned legs as he skirt rode up when she sat down.Too be honest Barry made it quite clear he couldn't wait to watch me pleasure his wife and we had two more drinks before leaving the pub and Mary gave me a wink and a goodbye as she knew what I was going to be doing that night.Barry got in the front leaving myself and Linda to bundle into the backseat where she soon kissed me on the lips and I found my hands running all over her body and as Barry drove us to their home Linda had her hands down my boxers rubbing my hard cock.Thankfully we were soon indoors and Linda led me upstairs to their bedroom and I was soon kissing her on her lips as Barry sat in a chair watching.I gently licked her neck as my hands moved down to unbutton her blouse.As I removed her blouse I moved down to her cleavge kissing and licking her tummy as my hands stroked her tanned skin.Linda removed her bra and I massaged her lovely tits.I ran my tongue between them and she was urging me to lick her erect nipples and Barry told me to please her so I took each one into my mouth one by one and flicked them with my tongue and gently bit them which made her moan louder and I then moved down her body and I undid her skirt and threw it in the floor to reveal her in stickings,suspenders and a tiny black thong.Barry had now joined us on the bed as I carried on teasing his wife with my tongue and I had her remove her stockings and suspenders slowly and then I ripped her thong off which was soaked with her juices and I handed it to Barry who smelt his wife and then he fed Linda his cock as I spread her legs wide to look at her damp wet moist pussy and I began to lick round the edge before starting to lap at her lips and soon I felt her juices release and trickle onto my waiting tongue.It didn't take long to play with her swollen clit and I took it into my mouth and sucked on it and felt her shudder and she screeamed out loud as she squirted over my tongue and I then stood up and dropped my trousers and boxers and rubbed my hard cock up and down her wet slit and my cock slit until she begged me to fuck her so I quickly put on a condom and slid inside her and I fucked her like a slut as Barry told me to use his slutwife and fuck her hard

as she carried on sucking his cock he tigged hard on her tits and told her how he loved watching her being fucked by another man.I then told her I wanted her to climb abord my cock and we all moved round and she was soon bobbing up and down as her tits went everywhere and Barry stood on the bed so he could feed his cock back into her mouth and he told her her couldn't last much longer and he pulled her head closer and spunked inside her mouth and she swallowed some but ome also ran out of her mouth and onto her large tits and she massafed it into them as I told her I was going to come soon and she quikened her pace asn I grabbed her arse and emptied my cum into the condom and she carried on bouncing until my balls were drained.Linda climbed off and removed the condom and looked at the contents and smiled at Barry before putting the condom to her mouth and she just emptied it into her mouth until it was empty making sure she turned it indie out to lick it clean.Then she really surprised me by going over to Barry and kissing him fully on the lips and sticking her tongue in so he had to open his mouth and I guess she trnasferred my cum into his mouth and he seemed to like it.I ened up spending the night at theirs in their bed whilst Barry slept in the spareroom and I fucked Linda twice more before getting a cab home at midday on Saturday.

Thanks again to you two hope to catch you again soon,butif not happy swinging.Linda you are a great fuck.