Written by Karen

19 Jan 2005

Last August bank holiday Monday I had been invited to a bar b q at a friends house in a village about 10 miles away, it was a bit chilly so I wore jeans, t shirt, loafers and took a sweater just in case, when I arrived it was in full swing, it appeared I

had the time wrong and should have arrived 3 hours earlier, to make matters worse an old flame of mine called Robert was there with his wife Ingrid, he is the only bloke I have ever been with that virtually has me panting for him just by looking at me, he looked over at me and my knees nearly turned to jelly, my cunt juiced up straight away and I felt my nipples hardened, I understand he is fucking Marie the hostess

at the moment the bastard! I bought my first horse and put her into livery with Robert, the first day I met him he had me panting after him and I went to his yard every chance I got, almost throwing myself at him like a cheap slut, it worked! within a month we were fucking like minks, anytime anywhere.

Robert was and is a complete selfish bastard, he thinks he is like a character from a Jilly Cooper novel but in reality he is a 45 year old owner of a rundown yard that does livery for a few horses and gives girls riding lessons. He is tall and dark, well muscled and very good looking with a deep seductive voice, he has a long cock that is not too fat and gets as hard as steel. At any one time he is normally seeing at least one other girl other than his wife. I chose to believe he wasn't mind you. I would have and did almost anything for him in return he fucked me at his pleasure and treated me like dirt. I eventually saw the light and dumped Robert and moved to my current house.

Back to the story, after the initial shock I managed to say hello and start acting half normally, I found myself looking at Robert all the time and imagining some of the fucks we had had. after about an hour Marie the hostess declared that we were

running out of booze and asked me if I would mind nipping into the wine shop to pick up supplies as I hadn't been drinking.

Robert and his wife had sort of materialised next to us and he said that he would go with me to help me carry the stuff to the car if I would like, would like! I couldn’t wait. We got into my car and I drove off. We entered a wooded lane and he said “where are you going to pull over then” I said “what do you mean” and the arrogant shit grinned and said “you have been giving me your fuck me signals all evening, so pull over or am I mistaken?”

I pulled into a woodland picnic area and after checking nobody was there, (it was dusk) I got out and moved round to the back door on his side, I was absolutely dripping, my cunt was on fire, I couldn't get my breath properly, I felt guilty and as horny as ever all at the same time. I undid my jeans and pulled them and my pants down and stepped out of them with one leg. Robert was suddenly in front of me and he pushed me back onto the rear seat leaving my legs out of the car, kneeling in front of me he unbuttoned his trousers and let his rock hard cock escape. With a bit of adjustment he pushed my legs together and put them up over his shoulders and shoved his cock straight in. Normally I am pretty tight and it takes a couple of attempts to get in deep but he slid straight in up to his balls, he then fucked me to an orgasm and beyond and without any consideration for what I wanted he hammered away at my gaping soaked slit using me until he was ready. His hard long cock slamming in so hard it was bruising my womb just like he always had at every thrust. He splashed his seed deep into my throbbing cunt, pulling out and putting himself away as soon as he had finished. Better get on he said. I got dressed and walked back,

somewhat unsteadily to the driving seat and drove out. I was soaked with his spunk seeping out of my well used cunt and soaking into my knickers, I was sure there would be a wet patch at the crutch of my jeans. I should have felt cheap and used but I just felt satisfied and horny.

We got the drinks and loaded the bags into the boot, as I leaned over to put the last lot in Robert put his hand on my backside and said that he wanted my stained pants as a trophy and I was to stop on the way back and give them to him. I just obeyed I

pulled into the clearing and undid my jeans, he stopped me and told me to do it in the light of the head lights, so I got out and obeyed. Walking round to the front of the car far enough away so he could see my every move I stepped out of my jeans and pulled my wringing wet pants down and stood there blinded in the light of the lights naked from the waist down shivering holding them out towards the car.

I felt rather than saw him approach he pushed me from behind towards the front of my car, when my shins touched the bumper he forced me forward over the bonnet and roughly pushed my legs apart, I was nearly stabbed by the bonnet ornament! he then entered my still spunky wet cunt and took me again, he didn't feel as hard as the first time but he went for longer, pounding away I could feel his balls slapping against my swollen lips, he was really hurting me deep in my sex but in a nice way, eventually his cock started to jerk and he came deep inside me again and pulled out.

I stayed where I was panting for air, a mixture of my juice and spunk running down my thighs. Robert roughly rolled me over and pulled my t-shirt up (I have small tits so rarely bother with a bra) he bit my nipples very hard in turn and made me gasp and sob with pain although I do love nipple pain, he then grabbed my wrists and forced my hands above my head and gave me a love bite on each tit in turn as an ownership mark the bastard. He put his hand on my head and applied pressure until I was knelling in front of him realising what he wanted I took his half limp cock into my mouth and licked and sucked every trace of our juices from him, when he was satisfied he let me stand up. I still had my knickers in my hand so he took them and sniffed them, he told me he had always loved my smell, he put his cock away and shoved my still wet pants in his pocket. I got dressed and we drove back to Marie's, acting as normal as possible we unloaded the car and started to take the booze into the kitchen, on the last trip he murmured that he had enjoyed it so much and was so horny he was going to take either his wife of mistress into the garden and fuck her as a celebration!