Written by lovesoldermen

24 Jun 2006

been reading some of the stories on SH and reminiscing about some of my adventures over the years since I have been meeting people on line for sex. I have not always had a thing for older men you see.......one day a few years ago I got chatting to a younger woman...she lived fairly local to me and was really horny with a body to die for and the most enourmous tits I have ever seen......we arranged for me to visit her one night and she greeted me at the door stark naked....her body was amazing and she had the most beautiful shaved pussy I have ever seen...within seconds my own clothes were on the floor and my pussy was aching ....she walked up the stairs without a word with me following behind staring up at her gorgeous arse...she layed on the bed and spread her legs wide..holding open her pussy lips as I crawled between her legs...my tongue lapping at her cunt...so far we had not said a word....she moaned as my tongue probbed her juicy slit and flicked around her clit as she played with her huge tits.....my hand was busy between my legs fingering my own soaking wet cunt as she writhed and pushed herself harder and harder against my face....suddenly she motioned for me to lay down on the bed....swung her legs over my head and sat on my face.....her juices were running down my chin as I lapped at her cunt....I felt her fingers opening my pussy lips and then.....wow....I felt a cock slide up me...at first I thought she was fucking me with a dildo but then realised that it was real! I couldn't see anything apart from her gapping cunt and arse as I lapped at her and slipped a well lubbed finger up her pretty little arse hole as she held my legs wide open for the guy to fuck me hard and deep........I guess it was her husband as she said he would love to join in when we had been planning our session on line the night before......he fucked me good and hard as I cum and then I felt him pull out....she groaned and bucked on my face cumming hard....she slipped off my face so I could see the man who was fucking me just as he jacked off and shot his spunk all over her tits...which we then both spent ages lapping up.......they both fucked and sucked me for hours that night....and I licked her cunt for so long my jaw ached all day the next day.....mmm lapping his cum out of her juicey wet snatch is something I will always remember and would love to try again sometime