Written by Paul

10 Mar 2008

My ex-girlfriend Steph (name changed) has a fantastic figure for her age, she is 38 but has the body and skin of a 20 year old, very smooth and very sexy - I love to watch her when she walks around the house naked - and definitely her arse which small, firm and gorgeous.

We had been for a night out in Manchester, hitting a few bars and teasing and flirting with each other. Her hand would disappear down the front of my jeans to squeeze my cock and my hand would slide up her thighs, under her skirt - depending on where we were stood in a bar, I usually managed to get a couple of fingers inside her, sliding them easily because of how wet she was.

This is how our night went, more of the same in every bar - almost fucking in some of the places. Even in the taxi home, the driver couldnot take his eyes from his mirror because our hands were all over each other, and I am sure he got quite an eyeful of her pussy while myhands were playing with her.

When we got home, we didnt manage more than a few steps into the house and I turned her around and pushed her up against the wall. I kissed her neck, gently blowing in her ears and pressing my cock against her backside. She was pushing her arse backwards to meet me.

My hands were on her thighs and as I slid them up, I pulled her skirt with them, exposing the bare flesh of her arse (she never wears knickers). My hands were rubbing her arse gently, but firmly and I was sliding my fingers underneath to her pussy.

I knelt down behind her, made her stand with her legs apart and started to kiss the cheeks of her arse, she pushed it out to give me better access toher pussy. I licked along her lips but instead of stopping, continued up to her arsehole, giving a few gentle licks - she doesnt do anal sex, but the moans of pleasure from my tongue were a good indication that she liked her hole to be played with.

I stayed onmy kness and moved my tongue back onto her pussy lips, but this time, pressing a finger against the entrance of her arsehole - her pelvic movements were enough to say "Fuck me"

I stood up, released my cock and slowly slid it inside her as she leaned forward against the wall. Long slow strokes were quickly replaced by hard fucking, I grabbed her hips and was pulling her hard onto me, slapping against her and hearing her moan in pleasure.

It wasnt long before she came and I was almost ready, but instead of letting me cum inside her which she usualy did, she turned around and dropped toher knees. Sucking and lickingmy cock expertly until I came, some on her face but most in her mouth - with her licking me clean afterwards.

We straigtened ourselves up and headed to bed, it was 4am - by the time we got to sleep it was 6am, after more sensual and animalistic fucking, genrated by the horny experience in the hall way.

This wasnt a one off and we always returned to fucking some how, somewhere around the house before heading to bed.