Written by Marine Boy

29 Oct 2003

In June this year, myself and three other ex Marines set off on our way to germany to revisit old haunts and stay with a guy who had married a German lady..My time i germany in the late 70's and early 80's..was really exciteing time fior me sexualy as I was getting the most attractive women coming onto me..and was fucking two or three different women a week and had a regular German girl friend. We were met In Amsterdam by our friend who lived about 2 and half hours away and we set off feeling quite excited..about revevisting history..we got to Lenny's house and had a few beers reaquainting ourselves with eacothers lives..Lenny's wife was a women i'd fucked before a few times when there in the 70's way before he met her, she had worn well..she came in nice blonde hair good figure even though she has had three kids, when no one was looking she would give me that I want you to fuck me look id seen years ago..we were shown to our rooms and Chritiana..told me i was in a room of my own..as there was not enough room for three of us to sleep together..as she showed my to my room her hand rubbed over my ass..and she said ive been looking forward to you coming here for months now..I told her I could not do that to Lenny as he has been a good mate for years..but she told me he was fucking the next door neighbours wife and they sometmes swapped..

I was really intrigued to know more..she told me that there was a party next door tomorrow night and that we had been included on the guest list ..and that there would be a few suprises for us..tomorrow night came and we went next door..as guests started to arrive I could se Christiana's face lighting up..and then I recognised two fo the women who were in the hall chatting to her..they all looked over to me and smiled..i had slept with all three and they were best mtes now..obviously knowing my past..I told my other mates who laughed but went on chatting to the other ladies present]

As the night wore o I was sat between all these ladies..I knew..all had been touching and teasing me flashing thighs and cleevage to me..knowing they were turning me on..one lady asked if my cock was still as big as before..and I told her when handled right it was bigger..she smiled and said to Christiana that we should maybe sneak back to her house and have some fun of our own..we all stood up and made our way to the door..these ladies were really fit they had looked atwer them selves very well..but Christiana especailly..Lenny came over to me and whispered in my ear.."Christiana has been wanting you to fuck her for ages..always said you had the best cock she had had.." he winked and I walked on..grinning at her she seemed to know what he had said to her..we left and went into her house followed by the other two women..the door closed and I was set upton immediately..kissing one then the other then the other..hands running over my growing cock over my trousers..we are going to have fun Angelic said..as she wrigled out of her tight top..she had no kids and her body was still perfect...she stood in front of me nacked rubbing her breastsasking if I thought she had altered much

I was geting so turned on and felt Christiana's hands on my cock undoing my zipper kneeling in front of me..as Angelic kissed me..Suzanne poured some wine for us all and then derobed herself..her and Angelic kissing my mouth rubbing there hands over my chest..and kissing eachother same time..I jerked back and gasped for breathe as My cock felt the warmth of a tongue teasing the end looking down Chris was sucking gently looking up at me and easing it inside her wet mouth..it felt great..Angelic joined her they shared my cock..now fuly erect at 8 plus inches..I was starting to ride into the warm mouth kissing Suzanne same time.

Christiana said she woud fuck me first as it was her house..so se stripped and exposed her wonderfull tits..kneelinmg in front of me teling me to put that big cock inside of her..the others held my cock guinding it into her./.and kissing eachiother..rubbing there clits and teasing my balls as i fucked hershe felt really nice ..she called out that she had rememebred it this way and that she wanted me to fuck her really hard..and cum inside her././I tried to stop myself but could not the words from her and the sight of the other tow kising was to muchI shot with in minutes of being inside her.

Angelic tookk my cocki out and sucked it slowly telling Christianan how good she tasted keeping my cock hard with her expert tongue, you want to fuck me now she asked..smiling at me..how could I refuse..she sat astride me facing outwards..allowing suzanne to use her tongue on both of us...as we fucked..

chirs bega fingering her self again..infront of us telling us how good it looked seeing my cock dissapear inside Angelic, she was really wet crying out as she neared her orgasim..I could fee her juices runing down my shaft se screamed louder as she came..telling me to fuck her deeper..then she collapsed like a rag doll..puffing away.totally out of breath...now for Suzann who wasted no tme in sucking my cock..it was still hard Id not cum agian yet so was ready fr her..she smiled and told me that she wanted it up her ass..and sat astride me guiding my into her tight hole, hearing her cry out as it slid in was really horny for me..she began buckinmg almost immediately it was deeop inside of her..rollijng her tits arou d with er hands and feeling Chris rubbing betwee her pussy lips as she to began to scream she was cumming..I was nearly there to and told her, Chris took my cock out and was sucking it Angelic joined her and so to did Suzanne who also had Chris's hand inside her legs finger fucking her to completion..as I shot my lot in the three faces and watched Chris lick it off the other two.

we all sat back smiled and laughed..at the time we had ..had

i suggessted we go back to the party or tonuges would wag..we headed back with Suzanne saying tongues should be wagging..I was not sure of what she meant till the door opened and the sight of my mate chaseing a nacked lady up the stairs..I laughed nervously but when i realised that evryione was nacked and having fun I enoyed my friends some more..it had been arranged weeks before we arived that we would be the new blood at there monthly swingetrs mets..and it was the best time ive ever had...my wife asked when i arrived home had much changed from the 80's, I told her the place had chnaged a little but the people were the same..lol Im off back next year./.