Written by wayward

23 Nov 2006

I was returning to Manchester from the North East and had beed driving down the A1 for a while, the weather was shite and I was tiered so I decided to pull in to a layby. I have pulled in there before and have had a few bi encounters with lorry drivers there. On this evening there were only a couple of lorries parked at the far end. There were a few cars and I noticed at least 3 of them were empty. I pulled in to the side about 10yards behind a little camper van. I sat and lit up a fag. Although the rain had stopped it was still grey and overcast. After a couple of minutes the back door of the camper opened and a guy got out.

I could see inside and although I could not make out any detail I could see another couple of guys in there cocks in hand. The guy who had got out went to one of the cars got in and drove off. Too good to pass up I thought. I left the car and went to see if I could get a view of what was going on. As I was trying to see under the curtain of the door it opened. The guy there asked me if I wanted to come in, I nodded and he stood back to let me in, closing the door behind me. There on the bed was a woman of about 35 being fucked by a guy of about 60, who looking at his clothes was one of the lorry drivers. He was pounding away at her and she was urging him on, begging him to fuck her deeper and harder. The guy told me it was his wife and that she just couldn’t get enough cock anymore, he told me this guy was her fourth fucking since they had been there and that in just over an hour. There was cum on her face and in her hair too I took out my cock and started stroking it, she beckoned for me to come over to her and grabbed me to start sucking. I was enthralled watching as the guy’s cock pulled almost out and rammed back in, without warning she started cumming he must have been taken over the edge by it too because he started telling he she was going to get his load and he thrust deep and hard into her. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the door had opened and closed again and there was another guy in there with us.

It was hot and cramped as the guy fucking climbed off her I noticed his cock was not sheathed and he had indeed pumped his cum deep into her, it was slick and shiny with cock and pussy juice. I stood back to let him off the woman asked him to come and get his cock cleaned. He couldn’t resist the invitation and he fed his cock to her mouth to clean. She slurped on it and he groaned. As he pulled his cock out of her mouth I bent down and kissed her, she immediately stuck her tongue into my mouth and we started exchanging the taste of his cock and her pussy from her mouth, the flavour was exquisite. I pulled away and she whispered in my ear “you dirty bastard I know what you want and you’ll get it later if you stay” I was intrigued, was I that obvious. The guy had managed to squeeze past and thanked the husband as he left.

The guy who had entered was an Indian guy in his 30s very good looking and with his shirt opened had an great hairy chest. He opened his trousers and dropped them, he had no underwear on and his cock was something else it was only about 6½ inches but must have been at least 2½ inches across. It was as thick as a wrist with a large head. The woman had not seen this and I wondered if she would get it in. I had stood up and had fead my cock back into her mouth so she was unaware of who was going into her next. The guy positioned himself between her legs and holding her by the ankles spread her wide. He rubbed his cockhead against her pussy which was sopping wet and quite lose from the previous action. She stopped sucking me and looked with confusion to se what was going on, not realizing she was about to be impaled on a beer can sized cock.

He pushed forward and her expression was priceless. She looked at him, then her husband then at me and she said “Oh shit” as he started to push it in. I moved down and joined her husband to watch it go in. the head pushed in and he teased her as her pussy stretched and griped him below the rim of his oversized cock. He pulled back slightly and we saw her pussy being pulled out. He them slowly but purposefully pushed in she came instantly begging him to fuck her with his monster dick. He was good to her request and he kept up a constant rhythm keeping her orgasming almost constantly. It was with disappointment to us all that he came, we would all have liked him to have gone on for hours. As soon as he had cum in her he pulled out and pulling up his trousers and almost running left us. There was now just the husband and wife and me left now.

“Now for your treat.” she said, then to her hubby “Jon, get yourself ready” Jon took of his clothes and underneath was wearing a complete set of women’s clothes, stockings, low cut bra the works. From an overhead locker he took out a red mini skirt, blouse, shoes and wig, he put prosthetic tits into the cups of the bra, within moments he looked like a woman, passable and better than some of the real thing. This I was told was Joan. What happened next is in the next instalment.

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