Written by John the Rep

31 Dec 2004

Years ago I worked for a national home appliance company, which obviously will have to remain nameless. I serviced and sold domestic appliances and all the stock was drawn from accredited dealers. One of these dealers regularly changed his staff, it was only a small shop but it did a lot of business, nevertheless the staff consisted of one girl. The oldest female I ever saw there over a period of years could at the most have been in her mid-twenties. One day a new girl appeared, I didn't think that she was my type despite having a great and very sexy figure. The reason was that she was a bit like the tarty barmaid, Bet, in Coronation Street, in that she wore loads of make-up, which I never liked, and dangly ostentatious earings and blonde, you know the sort.

Anyway, to cut a long story short she was a lot better than her appearance suggested and extremely helpful to me and I grew to like her a lot more. I had no doubt that she was flirting with me most times I was in the shop. Then one day in the middle of a very stressful week and finding that one of my 'regulars' was not available I went into the shop. I probably looked a bit miserablle because Rose asked me if I was alright. I told her that I was down in the dumps and on the spur of the moment asked her out for a drink that evening. "Christ!" she said, "I thought you'd never ask, of course I will!" I made arrangements to pick her up at seven that evening at her home.

I thought at the time that there was something familiar about the address but thought no more of it until I was knocking on the door and knew that I had been there before. A moment later a woman in her fifties opened the door, it was a customer of mine, Mrs.Smith. "Hello John," she said, "Rose isn't quite ready, you'd best come in."

In I went and said hello to her husband then she said, "I bet you never thought you'd be coming here to take our Rose out!." I agreed, I certainly didn't! "She's been on for ages about this good-looking bloke who called at the shop all the time," Mrs.Smith went on, "and how much she fancied him. I can see why, if I was a few years younger I'd be after you myself!"

"Ah, she would an' all," Mr.Smith confirmed, "right tart she's bin all her life!" I laughed, you couldn't imagine it now for she was the archetypal, fair, fat and fifty!

A few moments later Rose appeared, "You alright, darling?" her mother asked.

"Yes Ma," came the reply.

"Go on then and make sure you have a good time.... and make sure John does too!" It was fairly obvious what she meant.

Rose was a tall girl even with her shoes off she was taller than me. I had asked her not to use make-up or perfume, I was married after all and I certainly didn't want her to wear those giveaways. Without it she was staggeringly beautiful, without question the most beautiful woman I had ever been out with. Her skin was like porcelain with a soft matt appearance that enhanced her beauty even more. We went to a pub out in the country where I was unlikely to come across anyone I knew, we settled down to a drink or two and a natter. Here I got the biggest surprise of my life, Rose was only nineteen, I was therefore sixteen years older, and she had been married only six weeks previously! When I asked why then she was going out with me, she said, "Oh, he's absolutely useless in bed, couldn't even get it up, that's no good to me and I bet you know how to give a woman a good time!"

I had felt all along that she would be easy and she had made it obvious that she was. After a couple of drinks she said, "I bet you know somewhere nice and quiet we can go?"

I did, and I drove there, Rose said, "I bet you've been here a few times before!"

I laughed and replied, "Not just a few!"

She laughed in turn and started taking her clothes off. She hadn't left a lot to the imagination in the first place. She was wearing a sheer blouse with an almost transparent bra so that her nipples were just visible if you looked hard enough and I had! With it she had on a fashionable very short skirt, so short that, when she sat down, one could see her knickers, white and lacy. She also wore stockings with a suspender belt. Still in the front of the car she had slid her seat back and soon had only her stockings and suspender belt on, very, very sexy.

Fully dressed Rose had high breasts a beautifully proportional figure and incredible legs. As she took her bra off I was astonished to note that her lovely breasts dropped not half an inch. She started to undress me and I said, "Much more room in the back, Rose." She smiled and slid her seat as far forward as it would go, I did the same. My car was a two door sports saloon and as she got out to tip the seat forward she said, "Better spend a penny first." She opened the door wide and squatted down facing me, she opened her legs wide then spread the lips of her fanny with her fingers and started peeing. It was fantastic to watch her and I immediately had an iron-hard erection. She flicked a drop or two off with her fingers then got into the back of the car, I joined her and she proceeded to undress me.

When I was stripped I lay back and she had a good look, "What a lovely cock!" she said, "I can't wait to have that up my cunt." She leaned forward and kissed the tip then lay back herself and opened her legs wide. I have to say that her sex was incredibly beautiful, a wide, prominent mons veneris and a neat, long-lipped cunt completely unsullied by pubic hair. My turn to lean forward and I kissed her there. A slight musky scent greeted me from the closed lips. I continued kissing and it was plain that she was enjoying it. I used my tongue to the accompaniment of a sharp intake of breath from Rose.

I raised my head, "Like tongue?" I asked.

"Oh God, yes!" she replied. I inserted my tongue and explored the soft cave, her inner lips were engorging and growing rapidly, I nipped each one with my lips then tongue fucked her. She slumped further down on the seat, legs as wide apart as she could get them. Her clit was obvious and about the size of a large peanut, I sucked it and she writhed, moaning. She was certainly becoming aroused and when I sucked all the delicate flesh inside the mouth of her cunt into my mouth and then expelled it through tightened lips, I thought she was going to faint. She was lubricating freely and the musky taste of her aroused me even more.

"Fuck me, fuck me now!" she cried. I mounted her and she grabbed my cock and entered it into her vagina. I fucked her. Gently at first and then faster and harder as she implored me.

I lasted about ten minutes, her cunt was tight and slippery and I could feel the thrills running through her one after the other, "I'm going to come!" I panted as I felt the sap rise.

"Don't take it out!" she cried, "I want to feel it!"

Next moment I exploded inside her, I always came hard and I learned afterwards that she had felt every spurt as I filled her cunt. We lay gasping, Rose caressing the back of my neck as I rested on those lovely breasts. They were so incredibly firm and I could resist kissing them and sucking her little pink nipples. She was gasping with pleasure and felt my cock hardening again, "Go on, go on," she implored and I started to fuck her again.

It was beautiful, feeling that lovely cunt grasping my cock and hearing Rose sigh and moan as I fucked her. I deliberately fucked in in a way to last as long as possible, gently for a long time before the spams of her cunt made me fuck harder. "Pull it out this time," Rose told me, "the way it felt, I want to see you come!" Half an hour after starting to fuck her for the second time I reached my climax and, pulling my cock out of her gaping cunt, I grabbed it and with a couple of strokes shot my load.

Rose gasped, the first spurt, despite my efforts to keep it down has splashed straight on her face, the rest went over those beautiful tits and flat belly. I flopped to her side, "Christ, I've never seen no-one come like that before!" she gasped and licked at the spunk oozing down her face and over her lips. I licked the rest off and she eagerly sucked it off my tongue, I cleaned her up entirely that way and then licked her clit for good measure. She came with a great shudder and a howl that could have been heard on the main raod two hundred yards away.

We cleaned up with tissues and lay together talking. Rose had lost her virginity at the age of twelve, to a man, wasn't ashamed of it but was ashamed of the fact that she hadn't, until now, found a man who could give her the sort of sex she craved. "I really am fucked," she said, "for the first time in my life I'm fucked, it's wonderful!"

I said, "Give it ten minutes and you can be fucked again!" And she was, we went full-on on foreplay, she was excellent with her mouth and asked me to tongue her again as she had liked it so much. She came while I was doing it and asked to be fucked then, so I obliged. She got fucked for nearly three-quarters of an hour and took my ejaculation in her mouth.

We cleaned up, dressed and returned to the front seat. I drove her home, she made it clear how much she had enjoyed herself and made me promise to repeat the evening. I told her how beautiful she was, "Surely," I said, "there must be something wrong in your husband not to be turned on by your beauty if nothing else."

She shrugged, "I've no idea, he's in the Army so it's going to be a long time before he can try again." I made the best use of that time! The next timeI saw her mother, in town, she said, "Rose told me all about it, if I had been there I would have had you myself!"