Written by R & L

17 Feb 2004

Years ago my wife Lesley and myself started to get interested in rubber in our sex sessions. First of all we used a pair of washing up gloves which I enjoyed her using on my cock. We soon started to buy various items of rubber including pants,bras and suspender belts. We both thought at the time that we were the only ones turned on by it,little did we know.One of our friends who also worked with Les was chatting to her at work,he had to wear a rubber apron and gloves in his job. During the conversation he made a comment about do you think I look sexy in my rubber, Lesley replied that she had rubber gloves and apron.he made a joke about how sexy she must look dressed in them. Sometime later Tom was at our home doing some carpentry for us, I suggested that while I was out she put on her apron & gloves and put him to the test. When I came back about four hours later Tom had gone home, but Les could not wait to tell me what had happened. She had gone into the kitchen and had stripped to her bra & pants, over this had put on her rubber apron and rubber gloves.She then shouted to Tom to come and get a drink, when he came in she said what do you think then. Although very nervous at first he soon started to feel her tits, and then put his hand inside her pants and feel her pussy. Les pulled down his trousers and soon felt his cock. She told him that she wanted him to shoot his spunk over her apron, with her gloved hand she started to wank him off, very soon he came all over her apron. This was the start of many more experiences with Tom