Written by JF

16 Oct 2005

The night Julie went to a colleague's house to suck his cock was the best of our relationship.

What a turn-on it had been when we first discussed Julie

having sex with other guys, ending with an agreement that she would strip completely and suck another guy's cock until he shot his load in her mouth.

When she arranged a meeting with Paul and called to tell me it looked as if she would be able to have sex with him that night, I was delighted with her attitude to it.

As the hours passed, I realised Julie was enjoying Paul's cock and it felt really good knowing the girl I loved was stark naked and sucking off a young guy not far from home.

When we got together later that night, the sex was fantastic and we fucked three times, the first time ending with me coming in her mouth where the spunk simply poured instead of squirting from my cock.

The next night Julie told me exactly what had gone on between her and Paul and soon after she had got back to his flat, her tits were swinging free and she was taking his cock out on the sofa and having her first experience of it in her mouth.

Although Julie's tits have become soft, she has really large nipples and these look gorgeous on her mature dangling breasts.

It was great to know Paul had taken off her bra to let them hang free in front of him and he gave them a really good feel.

After sucking Paul for a bit, he suggested they went to bed and I imagined Julie standing up, bare-breasted, having succeeded in getting his cock in her mouth then walking to the bedroom to taste his spunk.

Julie continued sucking cock once she was naked and knowing how good she is at blow-jobs, I know Paul got a good job done on his hard-on.

Julie told me how he had a good thick cock and with her small mouth, I thought how good that must have looked as she sucked and wanked him.

He actually finished with his cock between her tits, Julie on her back pushing them together, spunking over her neck and face, then gave her cunt a really good fingering, Julie being comfortable about opening her legs for him to get a good feel.

Paul got another hard-on after this and Julie again gave him a loving blow-job before she returned home very late to me.

With their first time over, Julie told me she was looking forward to shagging with him, which is exactly what I wanted.

I was so keen to see her fucking away with another guy and we discussed the positions she could do it in with her young new lover.

I told her I would like to see her being fucked from behind, saying I would like to get a clear view of the penetration of her cunt from another cock and it would allow me and the other guy to see her exposed arsehole, which Julie was very shy about but agreed to.

Julie squatting on his cock with the guy seated with her facing me was something I wanted too, showing the full width of her cunt with a cock stuck right up her.

The sight of other guys spunking in her mouth was something else she agreed to and I told her the eye contact between us would be a wonderful thing, Julie withdrawing the cock as the guy started spunking so I could see it all pumping into her open mouth.

Julie wanted to try two cocks in her mouth at once and I was OK with this, which suprised her and I would have no problem licking her cunt immediately after another guy had fucked her.

A lot of people would not understand why a couple would want any of this but after Julie's first experience with Paul we both knew it was right for us.

We had agreed it all beforehand and it became a wonderful experience which definitely enhanced our relationship.

A friend said it was a huge test for a couple but we thought it more of a celebration of our love.

I did not want Julie to be faithful and I was delighted that she was willing to open her lovely hairy cunt for other guys to fuck while I watched.

She had sucked another guy's cock and I was immensely proud of her.

Now I need her to open that pussy for him to go all the way.

To all couples just thinking about trying this, we could definitely recommend it.