Written by John the Rep

7 Aug 2005

I rang the doorbell and a few moments later the door was opened, "Mrs.Smith?" I enquired.

"That's right, you'll be Mr.Williams, come in, come in." I followed her into the kitchen. Neither of our names are the real, but then as this is a true story you wouldn't expect it would you? I appreciated Mrs.Smith's figure as I followed her, from behind a real 'womanly' figure with lovely legs. " I was just making coffee, would you like one? My name's Marie, by the way." I said that I would and told her that my name was John, she told me to take a chair at the kitchen table. She poured two mugs, "Sugar?"

"Two please!" She raised her eyebrows but said nothing then put my mug in front of me and sat on a tall stool by the worktop showing a lot of leg. "Did you enjoy the demonstration the other night?" I asked her. I had given a demonstration of domestic appliances to a Young Wives Club in a local village hall.

"Oh yes, it was very instructive." She had left her name and address to have a personal demonstration at home asnd I had phoned for an appointment.

"So which appliance were you interested in for a personal demonstration, you seem to have most of them." I could see a washing machine, with an upright cleaner and a suction cleaner tucked away in a corner of the kitchen.

"Oh, none of them," she replied to my surprise, I wanted a demonstration from you."

I was puzzled, "But what of?" I asked.

She smiled, "You don't understand, I mean you, not an appliance. You see I think I've got you weighed-off, I was watching when you were answering questions and after when you were talking to people. I bet you like the company of women far more than men!" Somehow she was now showing a lot more leg.

I smiled, " 'Weighed-off', that's a real Naval expression.."

"I was a Wren."

"Ah, I see, I was in the Navy myself, well Fleet Air Arm actually, knew a lot of Wrens!"

"I bet you did! But that's what I mean, you've got all the appearance of a 'player' if you know what I mean. Married are you?"

I laughed, "Yes, and I suppose that you're right, I also know what you mean by 'player' and I wouldn't deny it." I sipped my coffee, "Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

"Sex you mean? Yes, of course. Let me explain." Her legs had now parted to the extent that I could now see her tightly stretched cotton knickers, "I lost my husband just over two years ago, he wasn't that brilliant at sex but, because I loved him, it didn't worry me too much and I didn't stray. After he died the last thing I was thinking about was sex, but one day I was invited to a party. It turned out to be one of those parties, 'Key Parties' I think they were called. To cut a long story short, I suddenly realised how much I'd missed it and when I was invited to pick up a key, and the man was at least quite presentable, I went to bed with him. I can't say that he was that good either, but he had a bigger thing and that rather made up for his lack of technique. I enjoyed it. I felt that it was something I wasn't all that interested in continuing with but it did awaken my desires. So I decided that if ever a man came along that I really fancied I would have sex with him if I could. Then I met you."

"Ah." She certainly wasn't the first to show me what was on offer, and I could now see a slightly darker line appearing on her pastel blue knickers. I said, "Well I appreciate the view and I'm flattered, I wouldn't want to let you down so I'll tell you that I've got nothing to boast about. But if you don't mind that, I'd be delighted."

"Oh! I'm so pleased, and pleased that I was right about you. It doesn't make any difference to me that you're married, I feel that's up to you, but you are a very attractive and sexy man. Shall we go to bed?"

She got up and, taking my hand, led me to the bedroom. I was surprised to see a large bathsheet spread over a bed that was stripped to the bottom sheet, I said, "I'll just pop to the bathroom, if that's okay?"

"Of course, it's the door opposite. As I stripped and washed my bits I thought about her and how attractive she was. Difficult to guess her age, could be anywhere between thirty-five and forty-five. She was blonde and looked to have good breasts as well as a flat stomach, she oozed sex. I put my briefs back on and returned to the bedroom. She was lying on the bed in just her panties, they were bikini-style and very tightly stretched making the most of a plump mound. My thoughts a little while previously that she was aroused proved to be true as a dark, wet line followed the long lips of her cunt. I joined her on the bed and we kissed, the kiss suddenly became very passionate. She was panting, "Sorry," she said, "but it's been so long since I've even kissed anyone."

"Shshsh," I put my finger on her lips and then kissed her, giving it everything. She trembled. After several kisses I moved to her breasts, they were much firmer than I would have expected, her skin smooth as silk. Her nipples rose and I kissed, sucked, and nibbled them before descending her body to her mound, I pulled her knickers down and took them off. She tried to stop me half-heartedly but once I'd kissed those long lips she lay back. I wriggled out of my briefs and turned so that she could play with me if she wanted. She took it in hand but did nothing once I had run my tongue up one rounded lip and down the other. She gasped so I repeated the action several times, the lips were wet so I could taste her love-juice, bland and soft. As I licked the lips parted under the pressure of her inner lips. These were quite substantial and I sucked them individually, 'chewing' them with just my lips. She beagn to thrash around as I penetrated her with my tongue, so I tongue-fucked her. By now she was moaning and I sought her clit. This was about the size of a large peanut and erect, she cried out as I teased it, then I sucked her clit, inner lips and all the soft delicate tissue into my mouth and expelled it all through tightly closed lips. She screamed and came noisily, "Oh please, no more! No more, I can't stand it!"

I turned round again and knelt up over her, she focussed on my cock, "What a lovely dick!" she said. She took it in hand again and this time began to wank me gently, "Gosh, it's so hard!" She kissed the end, all wet and still oozing, then licked her lips, "It tastes nice, please put in me!" I moved over her, she spread her legs and showed her wide open cunt, "Do you like it?" she asked apprehensively.

"It's beautiful," I assured her, "the most beautiful cunt I've seen in a long, long, time."

"Oh!" Her voice trembled. I knelt between her legs, bent to kiss the big open mouth of her sex then positioned my cock and gently pushed. A little resistance from the ring of tight muscle at the entrance and then I was sliding deep into her love-canal. She gasped again and I began to fuck her. She was tight, I guessed that she'd never given birth, but was very wet and I fucked easily for a while before beginning to thrust hard.

"Oh yes!" she gasped, "Like that! Hard as you can!" I rammed my cock into her almost brutally, but you can't really hurt a woman when she's wanting it the way Marie was. I managed to fuck her for about five minutes, although I'm usually good at making it last, a new cunt always seems to need getting used to. She was coming already when I rammed in the Paradise stroke and shot my spunk up her as I drew back, five more thrusts and five more spurts did it and I collapsed on top of her.

She held me tightly, "Oh, darling, that was marvellous! However did you learn to fuck like that?" I could tell from the way she said it that she wasn't used to the basic language.

"I learnt from a married woman when I was fifteen," I told her. I stayed inside her feeling the thrills still running through her body, "Want some more?" I aske.

"What, you can do it again?" She sounded shocked.

"If you help me get hard again I can, and I can make it last a lost longer, if that's what you want."

"Well! I never would have believed it, of course I want it again! Waht do I have to do?"

"Just keep gently squeezing my cock with your cunt muscles," I told her. She'd never done that before but with a bit of coaching she got the hang of it and fifteen minutes later I was hard, inside her, once more. I started fucking again, it was very messy, I always unload a lot and it squirted out over our thighs and ran round her bottom as I fucked her.

"Oh, darling, don't stop!" she pleaded and I didn't, I fucked fast and slow, gentle and hard, for nearly half an hour before I came again. Then I rolled off gasping for breath, she kissed me softly. "Darling, what a wondergful lover! I've never experienced anything like that before, you know that you're going to have to come and fuck me lots from now on don't you?"

I did, and I did, if you see what I mean. I have rarely had a more appreciative partner and thoroughly enjoyed our relationship for over two years.