Written by Sue and John

3 Nov 2005

Sorry it has taken us so long to update you all on our 2nd swinging experience but a mixture of nerves, shyness and possibly guilt meant I have been putting it off!

As promised Ryan stayed in contact after our first encounter – the best sex I had ever had – and he suggested that we meet up again at a plush hotel in London which he had booked for last Saturday night. At first I was pretty evasive as I still felt a bit of a ‘slut’ but lovely John reassured me that he was very happy with the set up and I must confess I got wet whenever I thought about our encounter (which was a couple of times a day). So we agreed to meet Ryan and his friend Dean at the hotel bar.

All Friday and Saturday it was on my mind and I kept telling myself that I would go along for the drink but no more – although I knew from the wetness in my knickers that I would probably not be able to resist having Ryan’s thick long penis in me again. I spent hours on Saturday having my hair and nails done and I even trimmed my bush in preparation for the ‘drink’ I was having with Ryan and Dean. John surprised me with beautiful sexy new underwear and I actually felt really sexy and attractive when we left the house and a million miles away from the mumsy mum I normally am!!!

We arrived before the boys and sat nervously in a quiet corner of the bar necking glasses of bubbly. However when Ryan walked up to me I instantly relaxed – his dazzling smile leaves me weak at the knees and I did not even flinch when he introduced his friend Dean – all 6’6” of him! Dean is a very attractive black man in his late 20s, he is confident without being arrogant and cocky without being offensive or pushy. They sat either side of me and before long I had a hand on each of their crotches feeling my way along their hard penises – Dean in particular seemed to be very well endowed and I was instantly wet between my legs when he touched me under my short skirt!

I was amazed at myself when I was the one that suggested we go to Ryan’s room for some fun but with my new found confidence I really wanted to take control and get naked with my 3 boys! Ryan had taken the trouble to lower the lights and had placed lots of scented candles around the plush room. He had set up a portable DVD and some raunchy porn greeted us as we lay back on the bed together. Dean lifted my skirt and licked me slowly as Ryan kissed me passionately whilst feeling my tits which were rock hard with excitement. I quickly released Ryan’s penis and went down on him as Dean continued to dart his hot tongue in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I could see John slowly wanking himself as he watched me with my 2 young studs.

I was suddenly forced onto my knees and confronted with Dean’s massive penis in my face. I had trouble fitting the tip of his huge penis in my mouth but couldn’t wait to suck him as hard as I could. Ryan was now behind me with John encouraging him to pull my knickers down and fuck me – and that’s exactly what he done. Ryan’s penis felt so lovely and hard as he began to pump my pussy, eventually ramming it right up inside me so that he balls smacked against my furry mound. I was suddenly turned around and forced to suck Ryan’s very wet penis and felt Dean’s huge cock slowly spreading my pussy lips as he began to enter me. I came for the first time at that point and the sensation was overwhelming! It felt so sexy and nice to be fucked by these 2 gorgeous guys and I reached out and grabbed John’s penis so I could suck him too. My fabulous hubby was helping me to realise my deepest darkest fantasies and it didn’t feel dirty or sleazy at all. In fact I felt liberated and regretted again not getting involved in swinging years earlier!!!

The first session ended with Dean exploding inside my pussy and John and Ryan both cumming in my mouth together. I had sticky hot cum poring down my legs and out of my mouth at the same time and I quickly sucked all 3 of them again lapping up their remaining juices.

We had sex for a further 4 hours and I was fucked every which way by the boys – we only stopped eventually because I was getting a sore pussy, not to mention my poor bottom hole which appeared to be 3 times the size it normally is – but then it did have 3 different cocks in it that night!

After we returned home I had to make love to John again as I was so horny and like before it was one of the best lovemaking sessions we have ever enjoyed. Since then we have been fucking like rabbits and I am already hoping for a return meeting with the 2 boys. My first black cock was certainly a surprise and one I want to repeat many times.

We have arranged to meet a couple next weekend, sore pussy allowing, and that will be our next adventure in the very wonderful world of swinging. I am off now to sage my guilty mind with a few well deserved vodkas! Hope you enjoyed our story and if you are still thinking about it girls – give your old man a real treat and get your knickers off for a handsome stranger – I did and it was the best decision I almost never made.

Sue and JohnXxx