Written by Both

4 Aug 2019

We've been reading s/w for a while picking out the posts that turn us on, it gives our sex life's a boost.And I'm sure it does other couples, also it gives us new ideas, we would never have done flashing, or being watched, while I fingered my wife in semi public places,it took a while for her to wan k me at the same time but she soon got to love it.

We hadn't had anyone join us but we new it would happen, recently in a secluded area in the park, we had a voyeur watching us, he made no pretence of covering up just stared,I couldn't really see him but my wife kept me informed, she had opened her legs a little more so I could get my finger further in,she looked around to see if someone else was around, nobody so she started wankin g me, She said she was looking him straight in the eye and smiling, he new it was ok to watch. She nodded for him to come closer, he moved about a few feet from us,I moved around and saw him,I was quite surprised how smart he was I was expecting someone totally different.

This put me more at ease as we had never had someone so close before in the light,I moved another finger in and her legs were further open, he could see her knickers moved over and her getting wetter, she went back to wankin g me.

She looked at his crutch, and gave him the go ahead to start wanking, which he did,she moved her knickers off and threw them to him, he wrapped them around him and carried on,I was close to cumming, he couldn't last much longer, he gave a groan and we watched her knickers getting wetter with his come.

He stopped up and left, leaving her knickers on the grass,it was getting dark, I moved over and fucked her holding her wet knickers in my hand, we both came and left.We know its not the most explicit post, but it was a step forward for us, perhaps some readers enjoy the softer side, we can now move on.