Written by Nick

24 Oct 2005

You may remember that I posted an experience of mine a few weeks ago about shagging the Cafeteria Supervisor at a firm I used to work for in Hertfordshire. I had noticed in the weeks that followed that the more mature women working there were giving me sly glances and whispering to each other when I was around. I found out why one day when I went into the stores and one of the women that worked there, who I'd had a lot of contact with, said, "I hear that you've been spreading it about then Nick!" "Oh yes?" I replied, "And who's been talking then?" Shelaughed, "You can't keep a good thing quiet, not among older women at any rate! I wouldn't mind a length myself!" Now she was quite an attractive woman, younger than Kath, prettier and with a better figure. The snag was that I knew her husband, having been invited to dinner when I worked that area. It didn't seem to worry her though, I said, "Geoff will never allow you out so late." "Don't you believe it," she replied, "anyway you've got a Sales meeting coming up soon and you always stay." "Okay, I'll leave it to you, if you want an all nighter, you'll have to come up with some excuse." And I left it at that.

A couple of weeks later the memo arrived detailing the Sales Meeting, I rang a hotel and booked a room, not the usual hotel that the Sales Force normally stayed at. Then I rang Carol and let her know. I worked normally the day before the meeting then went to the hotel. I completed my paperwork then showered and changed before going down for dinner. Afterwards, at about half eight, the reception rang to say that there was a lady there to see me, "Send her up," I told them. A couple of minutes later there was a tap on my door and I opened it to find Carol standing there. She came in, she looked really tarty in a red, low-cut blouse and a tight black short skirt. She put her arms round me and kissed me passionately, I responded and squeezed her left breast as I did so, within seconds her blouse was off and she was feeling my cock through my clothes as I teased and sucked her nipples. Just then there was a knock at the door. Carol jumped, "It's alright," I told her, "it'll be the maid wanting to turn down the bed." "Christ," she said, "don't tell me you're shagging her as well!" "No, at least not yet, but you never know!" I went to the door, "Hello Daisy," I winked, "can't let you in, I'll turn the bed down." And gave her a ten bob note. "Don't get nothing on the sheets!" she laughed as she tucked the note into her bra.

I shut the door and went back to Carol. I soon had her clothes off and stripped as she lay on the bed showing me her fanny. "What excuse did you give Geoff?" I asked. "You won't believe it.... I told him I was coming out to shag you! All he said was, 'Well don't get pregnant then.' I think he gives a bugger." She stared at my cock, "Christ, Kath wasn't lying then! Come on then I can't wait to get that up my quim!" I joined her on the bed. He breasts were lovely and firm and she was really nipple sensitive, so I gave them a real go before sliding down and kissing her cunt. She liked that too, "Tongue fuck me," she pleaded, so I did, but before long she was moaning and wriggling as I tongued her clit. "Fuck me. Fuck me!" she panted and I mounted her. I pushed my bone hard cock at her slippery soft flesh and she wriggled until it went in. I fucked her hard, she was tighter than I thought she'd be and it was good. "Are you protected?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm on the pill, go on shoot it up me!" A few minutes later I did just that as she cried out, the bloke in the next room hammered on the wall. "Silly bastard," Carol panted, "Don't he want a girl to enjoy herself?" "I don't know," I replied, "But if you let it soak I'll give you a longer fucking in a minute or two."

"Christ, Kath was right about that too, then. I love fucking, can't never get enough, I think that's why Geoff didn't care, he knows he can't satisfy me!" Ten minutes later she was being rammed as hard as I could do it, crying out and calling for more. She was a very wet girl and what with that and the cum I'd shot up her the first time it was squirting out all over the place, I was glad that I'd thought to put a towel on the bed. She came with a great body-shaking orgasm, yelling her head off, the bloke in the next room cheered, "Cheeky bugger!" she said after she'd recovered. We settled back with our arms around each other and chatted. "How long can you stay out?" I asked. "Well, I've got to get home to clean up, change and get breakfast, otherwise all night." "Good," I said, "then get off to sleep, I'll fuck you again when I'm ready!"

She slept beside me and I dozed off, I've got this sort of alarm clock in my head that wakes me when my body is ready for more sex. So some time later I felt under Caraol's bum, spread the lips of her cunt and pushed into her from behind, then I started fucking her gently. After a while she woke up, "Ooh! Darling!" she sighed, "I love being fucked awake!" "Just lie there and enjoy it," I told her, "It's going to last a long time!" Her cunt was really sloppy, and everything got wet and slippery, she came quietly several times as I slid in and out. It was a delight to fuck her so compliant cunt, she didn't move just accepted the soft thrusts right up her until I felt the sap rising again and unloaded as deep into her as I could get. She went straight to sleep afterwards.

She woke up at about six and woke me by sucking my cock, I hadn't washed so she got a real savoury mouthful, but she certainly seemed to enjoy it. After she'd made me come and swallowed it, she got up and showered. "Got to leave you, darlin'," she whispered, "thanks for the fucking, my cunt really enjoyed that and I'll be feeling it for the rest of the day. Be a good boy and don't fuck the maid this time, just remember my cunt and what fucking me was like!" "Don't worry," I replied, "it's not something I shall forget in a hurry, you're a gorgeous fuck!"

With that she left, and I certainly haven't forgotten what it was like even after all the years in between. But then again, I haven't forgotten any of the others either! I might come on here and tell you about those too! Cheers!