Written by ANTHONY

10 Jul 2016

Nearly a month has passed since Sally had her sexual liason for my birthday , and very odd atmosphere descended on our relationship , as anyone who has experienced an event similar can testify.

Sally seemed a bit distant for a few days , but she soon returned to her self, laughing and jokingly suggesting how a repeat of my birthday night would be nice , she reminded me occasionally the conditions of that night , to which I just agreed.

I have to admit that the whole episode has left me feeling incredibly horney all the time, playing over and over in my head the noises that I heard , and the taste of Sallys pussy not long after a complete stranger had Cum in her , now I have found out exactly who Sally has had sex with on my birthday, and when we had a bit of a heart to heart she told me how it developed.

And yes what I didn't realise was , it was Matt who Sally had sex with , and she assured me that it's only been the once , that night.

Apparently a bit of innocent flirting the night we met them in the pub developed (coincidence??) I'm not so sure, Sally admired that Matt really turned her on , and when he questioned my role and how I would react , Sally explained that my 'medical condition ' has severely reduce my sexual urges !

Now 2 things sprang to my mind ,

1. I'm sure that she wasn't talking to him for that long that night - apparently he gave her his mobile number.

2. He thinks I'm impotent ! - no doubt every one will know soon .

and yes all my own doing, be careful what you wish for.

Sally has dropped several hints about Matt taking her out for a drink and then back to his .

I'm definitely considering it .

But then I may have no choice.

I will update soon.

I'm also considering showing Sally what I've written on here to see her reaction, and maybe she will write a story...