Written by jane

27 Jul 2003

I remember the first time I took part in my first swinging party.

My boyfriends best mate invited us to a party, we were unaware what this involved. We decided to go and see for ourselves. we were suprised at how many people were actually there. The party was just like any we had been to before. Couples were dancing and having a good time. we were really enjoying ourselves.

The music began to get slow and sensual. My boyfriends mate came over to us and invited us up stairs to his so called private lounge. The room was empty except for a King size four poster bed. He put on some really slow music and lit some candles. we all sat on the bed with glasses of champegne.

My boyfriend started kissing me and pulled my top down to reveal my tits. he began fondling an d kiissing me. His mate was sittin gon the bed watching. I lay back, excited in the moment. my boyfriend raised me skirt to show my my panties. you could see both men were getting aroused. Soon my knickers were talen off and my whole body was on show. My boyfriend carried on kissing me, he sowly made his way down to my fanny. He gave a nod to his friend. His mate knew that his meant for him to join in. Mate began kissing my tits whilst my boyfriend licked my fanny.

I began to get so excited I took his mates cock in my mouth and began to suck like never before. My boyfriend started to fuck me whilst watching me suck his friend.

I got so excited it wasn't long before I bagan to orgasm. His mate came over my face whilst sucking his cock. I took my boyfriend in my mouth and sucked him until he came aswell.