Written by Graham and Corrine

16 Jun 2005

Corrine had told me that Sandie was really enjoying playing with her but really wanted to go with a man. You may remeber that she had not had sex with a man since her daughter was born 20 years ago.

I went round to see her on Sunday morning just for a chat and to see if she was serious about wanting a man.

She was havind a coffee dressed in her dressing gown

She had recently had a shower as her hair was damp. She poured me a coffee and brought it to meI could seeshe was only wearing her gown as she bent down to the table. She came and sat by me crossing her legs slowly so that I could see all of them.She leaned towards me a began kissing me, her hand slid down between my legs and massaged my cock though my shorts.

I slid my ahnd into her gown and found a smallish breast with a longish nipple whiI began to thumb.Her breathing became short and rapid and soon her body shook with her first oragsm. Meanwhile she had undone my shorts and had my cock in her hand an was sroking it gently. I felt my erection start.She unbuttoned my shirt and began to work her mouth over my chest. She sucked both my nipples whilst increasing her stroking. I knew I was going to come soon. As I felt the spunk build up she clamped her mouth over my knob-end and drank my load as it sprayed into her mouth.

Her gown had become undone and isaw her pubic hair had been neatly trimmed into a heart shape the point showing the way to the promissed land. I slid my hand down and into her moist slit. She sighed and climaxed. I pushed to fingers into her andfinger fucked her for a while.

My cock was regaining it strength and she climbed onto me an covered my knob with her cunt lips. I could feel the hole awaiting me so I pulled gently down easing my cock into her. She was moist and warm and very firm. Her cunt muscles played with my cock as I penetrated deep inside her.

As i reached full penetration she screamed out and came hotly over me.So much so I could feel her juices running over my balls.

Slowly we began to move together. Her unused firmeness gripping me hard. After several minutes We came together.Sandie screamed at the same time. 'Christ. I've waited 20 years for that. It was wonderful.'

We then decided to try some more later as she was due out for lunch and was running late.

I returned home and told Corrine my story. She said take me to bed and show mewhat happened so I did and we missed lunch but had a wonderful fuck.