Written by Carol & Simon

14 Dec 2004

I have been married to my wife Carol for 15 years, she is 39 and a very attractive, 5' 8" tall, size 12 blonde.

It is common knowledge between us that we had partners before we married, but have both been faithful since we married. However, a couple of years ago I confessed that I held a fantasy of watching her with another man. At first she treated this as fun, but over time became to realise I was serious. We talked about the situation, with Carol always stating that I would be jealous. I said I wouldn’t and wanted to give it a try, and she eventually agreed she would go ahead, if the right situation arose.

Friday night we attended an X-mass fancy-dress party on the other side of town. Carol dressed as Father Christmas in an old red knee length dressing gown, with red underwear, white stockings and red shoes. I was her elf helper.

The party was at a hotel, and as the night progressed, we found ourselves standing next to a couple of local guys and entered in to conversation. They were not of the ‘loony’ type, but respectable, normal guys looking for a ‘pull’ on the night.

Throughout the night Carol took turns in dancing with each of them, whilst they found no joy in the local ‘talent’.

Following a slow dance with Pete, Carol told me he had become aroused, and she had taken a quick feel as they kissed. I enquired what she thought, and she said he felt huge.

As the night and the drinks drew-on, the two lads asked what Santa was going to give them for x-mass, and Carol kept looking at me and making innuendo suggestions. During a period alone, we talked about the possibility of my ‘fantasy’ and she said that the drink had given her courage if I wanted, and suggested that I ask them what they wanted.

When Pete and Dave returned, I posed the question and they didn’t think I was serious at first, but after a quick discussion Dave suggested a blowjob, and Pete said he would love to give her a long fuck. Carol said she wanted a good licking, and Dave said OK in return for the blowjob.

Once the situation was clarified, we drank-up and left for Pete’s flat. Once in Pete’s flat, the music was on, drinks poured, and Dave was smooching with Carol.

As Pete and myself watched, Dave sat her down on the sofa and kneeled between her legs. Carol’s gown had now fell open revealing her white self-support stockings. Dave began kissing the inside of Carol’s thighs, his hands running over and up her legs until he eventually removed her briefs. As Dave lapped at her pussy, we watched as Carol began to moan and caress her own body. By now her gown was fully open showing her shapely body and quite ample breasts encased in a red bra. After about 10 minutes or so, Carol arched her back as she shuddered to an orgasm. As Dave straightened-up, she lent forward and while kissing him they changed positions so that Dave was now on the sofa. Carol loosened his trousers and extracted his penis. Slowly she began to wank his already hard member and then lowered her mouth onto it. Carol took her time, her fingers gliding along Dave’s shaft and her tongue and teeth working effortlessly on his helmet. Eventually Dave began to breathe deeply and grab the fabric of the sofa. Carol took him deep into her mouth as he grunted and shot his load in Carol’s mouth. I stood mesmerised as Dave’s seed oozed from her mouth over her hands and fingers. Carol looked up and smiled at Dave, who stated that was probably the best blowjob, he had ever had.

Having cleaned herself-up, Carol turned to Pete who by now was undressed down to his boxer shorts. They began to kiss and Carol took little time in extracting his manhood. As I saw Pete’s tool emerge, I was fascinated, as it stood at about 8 - 9” and with a good solid girth. Carol’s eyes lit-up when she looked down and she knelt before him. I watched enthralled as she began to take him in her mouth. She was mesmerised with his dick as she worked her mouth and fingers along its length. Pete eventually pulled her up and moved her back onto the sofa. He placed his head between her legs and began to lick her fanny. Carol’s body began to writhe as he lapped at her, also working on her with his fingers. I nearly came as Carol her second orgasm of the night swept through her body. Without a pause, Pete moved up her body until he was over her. I saw her hand move down to grab his manhood and she began to rub the tip over her wet lips. Pete slowly fed his tool into her and as he nearly had the full length inside her, Carol screamed with delight as another orgasm ripped through her. She looked directly into Pete’s eyes as she begged him to ‘fuck’ her. Pete obliged with long deep strokes while her legs became wrapped around him. The sight of Sues stockinged legs wrapped around Pete’s back was a picture to behold. It wasn't long before Carol began to thrash and shake as a climax ripped through her body. Pete turned her over and entered her doggy style and continued to thrust in and out as she gyrated and twisted her body on his tool.

Eventually she collapsed as yet another orgasm shook through her body. They rolled over and Pete began to take her again in the classic ‘missionary’ position. After what seemed ages, and yet another climax by Carol, she pushed him away and bent her head down to take him in the mouth. Pete became rigid as she wanked and sucked him, and he shot his load over her face and hands.

Carol took a shower whilst I called a taxi, and we eventually left. On the journey home Carol was silent and just held me tight, but once in home she gave me a blowjob that I will remember for a long time.