Written by Max

1 Sep 2005

My wife Jan was always a bit of a flirt, which used to make me feel a bit jealous when we were younger. Over the years things have reversed a bit with her not flirting so much and me wanting her to. In fact I reached the point where I longed to see her get fucked by somebody else, but didn’t know how to mention this to her, and so we had settled into a pretty mundane sex life. That is until last Saturday.

We were sitting at home watching the TV, so feeling bored I asked if she fancied going out to a nightclub. She was up for it as she likes to dance and listen to music, so I told her to get changed in to something sexy.

The club was already in full swing when we got there with a great atmosphere, so we headed for the bar to get a drink. We had a few dances and drinks (non alcoholic for me) and Jan had really started to relax. I went to the loo only her dancing with some guy when I returned to a slow dance. I watched as he held her close to him wondering if he had a hard on. Dance over she returned and I asked her if she could feel if he was hard. “Yes. He was quite hard” she said. “And how did that make you feel” I asked. “Wet and Horny” she replied. It wasn’t too long before he was back asking her for another dance and was it ok by me. I told him it was fine and then watched as they danced very, very close with his had going down to her arse and Jan not stopping him. This was a real turn on for me. When they came back we got chatting to Pete as he had introduce himself and after a while I asked if he would like to came back to our place for a night cap to which he said ok.

Once we were home I put on some music and went to get some drinks. When I returned to the lounge they were dancing close again. “Don’t mind me just do what comes naturally” I said. I then sat down to watch as both his hands went to her arse and he started to rub it and pull her closer to him. He then bent his head and they started to kiss long and deep as he started to lift her skirt. He opened his eyes and looked at me so I nodded my approval. With that one of his hands moved round between them and he started undoing the front of her blouse, reaching in to feel her tits. He replaced his hand with his mouth and let his hand go south, and when I heard Jan let out a moan I knew he had his hand in her thong. Boy was I getting hard watching as another man had his fingers in my wife’s wet cunt. Jan dropped her arm from his shoulders and started to stroke his cock through his trousers, and then she unzipped him and reached inside and pulled his cock out. It was about the same size as me, 8”, but a lot thicker. Soon Pete had her blouse and skirt off and he told her to sit on the edge of the settee, and removing his trouser and underwear he offered his cock to her mouth. She was on it like a bitch on heat taking as much of Pete’s thick cock into her mouth as she could, and I knew how good she was. I couldn’t believe my eyes I just had to get a photo of this. I quickly got my camera and took a couple of shots of her head going up and down his shaft.

My cock hadn’t been this hard for years. I removed my clothes and went to join them. “Hi Hun, want a turn” she asked. And with that she licked under my balls as she knows how much I like that, before taking my cock in to her mouth. Then it was back to sucking Pete’s big, thick cock. I pushed her back and removed her thong, god she was so wet, and my mouth went straight to her pussy. As I was licking her clit and probing inside her with my tongue I could see Pete’s cock going in and out of her mouth as he faced fucked her. It wasn’t long before her hips stated to buck and I got that sweet taste of her as she came in my mouth.

“On the floor Pete, I want to sit on some cock” and Pete did not need to be asked a second time. I watched as Jan lowered herself on to his thick 8” cock, the sight of his cock as it pushed into her wet, wet cunt nearly made me cum so I stopped wanking and just looked on memorised. “Fuck my cunt hard” she commanded as she bounced up and down on Pete’s rock hard shaft. I got up and went to stand by her side offering her my cock which she took into her mouth. “You’re a good cock sucker” I said. “Yeah, and a great cock fucker” she replied. “I’m cumming” she screamed as she went rigid with pleasure. She got off of Pete’s cock and went down on him running her tongue up and down the length of his cock and balls. “Fuck me hard from the rear” she asked me, which I knew was her favourite position. My cock rammed home easily where Pete’s thicker cock had opened her nicely and she was so wet. I fucked her with long hard strokes making sure she took the whole length as she sucked Pete’s cock. She was moaning again and I knew she was building to another orgasm, so I started banging faster and harder. “I’m going to cum” I said. “Me too” said Pete and with that he shoot load after load of his cum into Jan’s mouth, some of which I could see dribble from her lips, before she could swallow it all. That was too much for me and I pushed deep into her as my spunk emptied out just as she shuddered too a really big climax.

Well we fixed up another meet with Pete for the following week, and Jan said if he brings a mate along I can video them, but that’s another story.