Written by Lorraine & John

22 Feb 2006

After our session with the Superintendent of Police, nothing exceptional happened for the remainder of the week, other than we visited old friends & some new ones, going through the normal fuck sessions. After all that was why John & I visited with Bishop & Susie. Not to say it was boring, as the sex was as always wonderful, I just can't get enough cock into my pussy or mouth. During the week I must have fucked close to 20 different cocks, some were a reunion from nearly 25 years ago & some were new to me.

Susie had been telling me about our up-coming visit to the Saturday Night Club, which is actually held every other Saturday night. All local residents on the Island being members, who at their discretion could bring guests. Pure & simple it was a place for the Islanders to meet & have sex with each other.

The meetings are at the large house where Susie & I had both had our wonderful afternoon with the Superintendent of Police the previous Saturday.

There is always a woman that starts off the evenings procedures. This woman being selected by all the male members, based on her sexual abilities. Susie explained that the plaques I had seen with her picture on them, were awarded to her for her sexual abilities. In fact she had reigned supreme for 15 years, longer than any other woman. The very first year she lived there she had won, but she figured she only got it because she was a new fuck & white. However after winning it the next year she realised that maybe she did have special abilities. She had been eventually knocked of her position by of all people, her eldest daughter, who won it when she was 15. She in turn was superceded by Susie's youngest daughter who won it at 14 & they had actually both held it on & off for the last 6 years, each out performing the other sexually each year. Both Susie's daughters are exquisitively beautiful with wonderful figures, they obviously take after their mother in looks & sexualness Their dusky colouring really enhances their beauty, so that they are both very desirable. The oldest one was at present the mistress of cerimonies.

The evenings procedures always commenced with whatever the Mistress commanded, with all those members present, having to watch what ever was the order of the evening.

I was waiting with bated breath to see what sexual activity I was going to enjoy, when to my surprise, Susie's daughter announced Susie & I were to make love to eachot her, as this would be the first time the members would be able to see a white woman going down on another white woman. I suspected that probably Susie had a hand in this, as she had told me after she had passionately kissed me & held my breasts(which had been a first for me)& I had enjoyed it so much, that she would eventually take it further with me. She came to me, smiling, with a lustful glint in her eyes, gently took me in her arms, delicately bent my head down & proceeded to passionately kiss me, her tongue exploring my mouth, which instantly sent waves of feelings through my body. My tits started to become sensative as her hands explored my body & my nipples became erect. As her hands explored me she gradually unzipped my dress & let it fall to the floor, leaving me naked except for my shoes( as always I was bra & panti less, my fucking mode attire as I call it). One hand cupped one of my breasts gently massaging it in very experienced manner.Slowly as I became more aroused I started to remove her dress leaving her completely naked except for her shoes. She had learnt from me 20 add years previous,always wear the minimum when you know you're going to fuck. Eventually Susie stopped, took me by the hand & lead me to the stairs, it was at this point I noticed that everybody else in the room had removed their clothes & started to follow us. I might add that I have never seen so many huge erect cocks before, it was a truely wonderful sight. At present though cock was not the order of the day. Susie took me into a large room that had cushions & mattrasses arranged around the room, leading me to the one closest to the centre of the room. She gently lowered me to the floo &, came down along side me, started to once again delicately probe my mouth with her tongue & tenderly work her hands around my body, starting me to become sexually aroused & excited about what was going to occur between us. My first woman on woman session. Her hands felt wonderful exploring my body & I was longing for her hand to explore my pussy, but due to experience, she was delaying this, knowing that I was wanting to feel her playing with my clitoris but she knew that the longer she delayed that the greater my arousal would be. Finally her fingers found my now very aroused clitoris & started to massage it expertly. By now I was bucking my hips up to her & gyrating my lower body, making very heavy breathing sounds & asking her to give me more. I was insuch a state of arousal that I was oblivious of all around me, I had forgotten that there was close to 70 people watching Susie & I perform. Slowly She moved herself around so that she could start to work on my pussy with her tongue & as soon as she did I went into a multiple orgasm, just the excitement of this new sexual encounter had sent me there. My immedite response was to start to tongue her clitoris wanting to make her feel as good as she was making me feel. Even though this was the first time in my 58 years that my mouth & tongue was exploring a woman's pussy it came natu me, I knew how to make her feel good, purely because I knew the spots that needed attention to bring her to a climax, which I was gradually doing. It wasn't long before the 2 of us where thrashing around in orgasm with Susie letting out her normal banshee screams of sexual joy. We both collapsed, bathed in sweat & slowly came down from that sexual high that you have after coming. Somebody started to clap, then somebody else did, then another person did, eventually everybody in the room was giving us a standing ovation, in more sense that one looking at the men. A few of the men had semen dripping from there cocks, they must have been wanking while watching us perform. The applause stopped & then a bell rang & people started to disperse, although I found myself surrounded by several men. Looking at Susie with a quizical expression, she told me that the evening could now start as the commencing entertainment had ended & it looked as though I was going to be in great demand for the evening, as these guys obviously wanted me. She told me to go for it as she had plans of her own. Promptly getting up & moving out of the room, leaving me alone with seven well hung men of various ages, whose hands started to roam & probe my body, starting to bring on those feelings that I desired so much...... to be continued