Written by big cock in Leeds

27 Mar 2006

i would never dream of making a story up to put on here,so rest assured this is 100% true.

after getting home,pretty drunk from a 50th party on saturday night,i was on my laptop,browsing the s.h ads,when there was a knock at my front door.i wasn't expecting any visitors at 1.30 am.

i opened the door and there was a bird,mid 30's,nothing special,but not king if she could ring a taxi as she'd just had a row with her husband and he had kicked her out of the car.

i invited her in and noticed that she didn't have a bad body at all,nice arse and legs(in tight jeans),and a skimpy top under her coat,that showed off a nice,firm looking pair of tits.

i told her it was really hard to get a cab quickly at this time of night(as you do!) and asked if she wanted a coffee.

she said yes and it was clear she too had had a good drink.

within 5 minutes she was telling me how she had been caught out shagging her old mans mate a couple of years before and he had been making her life hell ever since.

i could tell there was a chance of something happening and said she was welcome to stay the night and could sleep wherever she liked,but i was going to bed in a few minutes.

she followed me up and said she would sleep on my bed,but not in it.

i got undressed and in and she lay next to me on the quilt.

after no more than 5 minutes chat i was playing with her tits and she wasn't complaining.i said i was going to the bathroom and wanted her stripped off and in bed when i got back.

i didn't know whether she would or not,but my 9 inch cock was throbbing and rock hard,ready for her.

bingo!she was in bed,and as i got in she guided my hand straight onto her hairy,wet pussy.i lifted one of her legs up and slid my meat straight into her cunt.she started to tell me that she just loved sex and needed it all the time.i was soon on top of her,fucking hard and fast and shot a right load of cum straight up her fanny.

we both relaxed for a bit,but were soon talking about the phone sex we were going to start having with each other and this soon had my cock rigid again.i turned her round and shoved it right up her from behind and had her screaming as she took it hard and fast again.iwas soon shooting cum into her again and she was telling me that she was cumming.as soon as i'd finished i was down there licking her messy hole and giving her clit a good tonguing which brought her off again.

we fell sleep and in the morning i dropped her off near to where she lived.she didn't seem too bothered about how she was going to explain being out all night and we've swapped numbers so i think i might be fucking her again round my place before long.i hope so.