Written by Scott

3 Sep 2004

As a recently married guy at the age of 26 I have to say that I wasn't remotely curious about the potential Bi side to my character. Until one day that I took my first trip to the local Turkish Baths.

I had been working hard all week and felt that I needed a break and a bit of relaxation. It was my first trip to the baths on a gents session and upon arrival i was shown around the facility where i noticed that guys were only wearing towels. I had brought my swimming trunks just in case as I wasnt sure what to expect.

I got myself changed and then made my way to the showers where I had a quick wash. Upon coming out of the shower i noticed a couple of guys watching me but just assumed they were waiting for the shower, i thought nothing of it. I made my way into the steam room which had 3 guys in it with their towels draped across there crotch area. I went in, sat down and adopted the same position, sitting on the marble surface with my towel covering my lower regions.

I sat there for a while until one chap stood and went to fix his towel around his waist, he was standing no more than a foot away from my and his cock sprung up before my eyes only a couple of inches away, I recoiled my head in shock and the guy just smiled, adjusted his towel and walked out of the steam room. I must admit that the guy, who was not very tall and was quite skinny did have a massive cock on him that was out of proportion to his body.

I tried to put this out of my mind but i found myself thinking more about the size of the cock and the fact that it was only a couple of inches from my face. As i sat there dozing i could feel my own cock starting to slowly grow under my towel. I heard a couple of people enter the room and a few leave as I sat there all relaxed with my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes i saw an older guy on his knees sucking a young lad off for all he was worth, I thought the cock incident was an accident and was totally shocked by this but strangley turned on. Another guy sitting in the room smiled at me and then looked down at my own cock which was fully hard and poking up underneath my towel. The guy just leaned over and pulled my towel off me which made my cock spring up and hit my stomach with a thwack. Very calmly his moved closer, put one hand on my cock which throbbed as if it was trying to get harder but couldn't then he just gently lowered his head and took the head of my cock into his mouth. I felt completed powerless to stop him doing this, but i also felt like I wanted him to continue, it felt amazing and so very risky.

Just as I was starting to relax the door of the steam room opened and i jumped, which made me buck a little into this guys mouth, I tried to withdraw until i realised the guy walking in was the same guy whose cock had started this whole thing off. He walked into the room and just strolled over, dropping his towel on the floor as he walked. HIs cock was already fully hard and looking even bigger than the last time, I looked down and this guy was still sucking away on my cock, I thought i was in a dream. I just sat there like a goldfish with his mouth open as I was too shocked to speak.

He must have seen this as a come on as he looked at my open mouth and just pushed his cock onto my lips.. I was physically shaking, partly with fear, partly excitement. I parted my lips a bit more and he started to push his enormous cock into my mouth, I had to open my mouth fully to accomodate the huge girth. Before i knew it he was gently pushing his cock in and out of my mouth, I didnt know what to do so I just tried to do what I ask my wife to do to me. I licked the tip and the shaft and sucked him in as deeply as I could until i started to gag, then I slowly let him slide out.

Meanwhile the guy below is still on his knees making me feel amazing, i could feel my legs starting to shake as I built up to come. I stopped sucking for a bit to tell him that I was about to cum, habit from telling the wife as she doesnt like me cumming in her mouth. He took this as a good sign and speeded up, I couldnt take much more and felt my cum about to explode, when it did, the guy didnt pull off he just kept on sucking and sucking and sucking, i thought my head would explode, all this coupled with the heat of the steam room.

He just got up, smiled said thanks and walked out of the room. The guy I was sucking just pushed his cock back in my mouth and smiled.. I carried on sucking until i heard his breathing quicken, I looked up and asked him was he about to cum and he said not yet, i will tell you. So like a lust struck fool I carried on sucking away when I suddenly felt a strong jet following on from a hard thrust that hit the back of my throat. I tried to pull off as I was gagging a bit and it tasted so salty, he kept hold of my head and kept pushing and thrusting and shot about 6 more streams of cum which seemed to shoot straight down my throat. As he stopped shooting I felt his cock start to soften slowly in my mouth. It was at this point that he slowly pulled the huge thing out.

I just sat there in a daze looking at this almost flacid cock just hanging there about 9 or 10 inches long and really thick with a bit of cum just hanging on the end. He just picked up a towel, wiped his cock on it and walked out of the room.

And that was it my first surreal exposure to bi activity.. Since then I have tried a few things since, but nothing compares to the first session that always sticks in my mind. I have met a couple of bi couples since, but thats a different story.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.