Written by Seeks Revenge

25 Mar 2013

I came home early from work and was surprised to see my husband’s car in our driveway. There was another car which I didn’t recognize also parked in front of our house. When I got inside, I heard noises from the down the hall. I quietly crept down the hallway and when I arrived at our open bedroom door, I stopped in the hallway out of their sight and listened. I heard my husband’s voice say, “Oh god yes… that’s the spot… right there…”

As I stood frozen in the hallway with my back to the wall I could also hear the sounds of their two bodies slamming at each other. The bed was squeaking with shaking sounds. Their breathing was loud, fast and furious.

Then for the first time I heard her filthy voice ask, “Do you like fucking me?”

“I want you so much”, he told her in a panting voice, I can’t get enough of you.”

Hearing this sickened me to the verge of almost vomiting. Thoughts of the man I love being obviously unfaithful to me was more than I could fathom. My mind, twisted into a painfully chaotic state in which I couldn’t think clearly. The shock of it all was incomprehensible. This egregious violation of our sacred vows made the world as I knew it, a completely different place.

But, then came the biggest gut shot of them all when I heard my lying bastard of a husband say to this whore, “I love you” followed by the voice of this venal contemptible woman telling him, “I love you too.” At that moment, I knew that the world I had known was gone forever. My image of him and our two children was forever shattered into thousands of broken pieces.

I then burst into the bedroom and saw them both totally naked with him on the bottom and her on top bouncing her pussy up and down on his dick. She was lying flat on his stomach, her knees on either side of him, her ass moving up and down on his dick and they were kissing. His hands were on her tits. His hips were moving in time with hers. His eyes were staring straight up locked on hers which were staring down at him. They were passionately fucking each other.

For what seemed to be an uncountable number of seconds, I stared at this hellish scene, trying to comprehend; looking for rationality. I then heard myself assertively asking, “What’s going here?”

Their two naked bodies instantly uncoupled. I watched them began to scramble in a hunt for their clothes. I was still in a deep state of shock as I watched her jump out of our bed and struggle to bundle all of her clothes which were strewn around the bedroom floor, before she disappeared into my bathroom. This was the very same bathroom where I have so many times in the past prepped myself to look good for him. My eyes then quickly concentrated on him as he ferociously began finding his clothes and getting dressed as fast as he could.

I was too furious to say anything and could only watch this unbelievable scene unfold before my very eyes. It was only minutes later when she emerged from my bathroom with her hair in complete disarray, smudged makeup, and disarranged clothes. As she made her way past me to leave the bedroom, she said, “Sorry” and disappeared. Seconds later I heard her car start up and leave.

My husband was still dressing when I asked, “Who is she?”

“Its Mary, my new secretary.”

I said, “When you get back to work, the first thing you better do is to fire her. The second thing for you to do is to get a good lawyer.”

I then turned around and went back outside to my car and left the scene. A few minutes later he called my cell, but I didn’t answer. I decided I needed a little alcohol to settle my nerves and stopped at the bar in the Hyatt Hotel.

My cell rang again and I still didn’t answer.

I was crying when a young man sat next to me at the bar asking, “Are you ok?”

I stiffened up, saying “Not really. I’m having a bad day”.

He told me his name is Greg and I told him my name is Sandy. The next few moments were quiet before I blurted out, “Just a few minutes ago I found my husband in bed with another woman.”

Greg replied, “Good grief. That’s a tough one”.

“I didn’t see it coming”.

“How long have you been married?” he asked me.

“Five years. We have two children, who are now at day care”.

When my cell phone rang again I looked at it and told Greg it was my husband and Greg began to leave saying, “I’ll leave you alone.

I turned my phone off and said, “No, wait. I don’t want to talk to him right now. But, I appreciate your concern”.

We then talked for a while with me trying to unwind. When my drink was gone, Greg asked if I wanted another. I told him ‘no’ and added that I needed to stay as mentally clear as possible.

I said to Greg, “Would you do something for me?”

“Sure, if I can.”

“I want to punish him.”

“Understandable” he said again.

“I think I am attractive to men. Do you find me attractive?”

“No doubt about it”, he stated.

“Are you staying here at the Hyatt?”

“Yes, I’ve come a long way from home on this trip. I am leaving tomorrow.”

“Well, as punishment, I want him to watch me have sex with another man. You know, like force him to watch me fucking another guy.”

“That would almost be capital punishment” Greg Said.

“Would you do that?”

“Do what?” He asked.

“Before he knows that I am tossing him out of my life, I want to tell him that he has to watch you and I have sex. Could you do that for me?”

Before he could answer, I added, “I know I shouldn’t be asking you this, but I am so upset I need some relief. For whatever reason, I want you take me to your room and make mad love to me. I am attracted to you right now. Amidst all my sorrow, I want to get in bed with you. But more importantly, I want him to watch me fuck you and you fuck me. I want him to feel the horrors of what I am feeling.

Greg said, “My sense is that you need to distance yourself from all of this for a while. The shock of this moment may make you do something you might later regret.”

“The only thing I might regret is not kicking him in the balls before I came over here. Look, I know how bizarre this must sound to you but I want him to watch someone fuck me blind.”

“If we were to do this, what stops him from getting violent?”

“I assure you”, I replied, “He is not a violent person. He won’t hurt either of us. He doesn’t have it in him.”

Greg said, “Under other circumstances I would gladly take up your offer. You are a beautiful sexually appealing woman.”

“Then you will do it?” I asked.

It was quiet for a while before I said, “Do you have time to do what I am asking?”

Greg said, “I have all day. I leave tomorrow.”

“So, you have the desire and the time but you are still hesitant?”

“My barriers are dropping”, he said.

“Let’s be clear”, I said, “What I would like to do is invite Lewis to come to your room where you and I will be waiting. When he gets there, I will tell him that if he wants any chance of reconciliation that he must watch you and I have sex. I won’t mention that I am done with him forever until later.”

“I don’t think it’s wise for us to do that”, he said.

“It probably isn’t. But, there is another possibility”

“Like what?” he asked.

“Suppose we go to your room right now and get some practice before he gets here?”

Greg said, “That’s an offer that’s hard to turn down.”

“I’m offering this because I know how awkward it would be for you otherwise. If you agree, I will let you have me alone for a while. Then I would invite him over.”

“That is an interesting proposition”, he said.

Are you saying ‘yes’?

“Let’s go”, he said and we went to his room. When we got there, he said, “I like the idea of fucking before he gets here. It will calm me down for the real show.”

Greg then told me to get naked and as I took off my clothes, I watched him take his clothes off too. His body was awesome and in excellent physical shape. As I watched him, I realized how lucky I was to get someone like this rather than some unshaven drunk. When we were both totally, naked, he sat on the bed and asked me to sit next to him. He then said, “I like a woman to suck on my dick. Hearing this, I immediately, got on my knees in front of him and put his dick in my mouth. As I sucked on his hardon, he looked down at me as I looked up at him and he said, “Do you want your husband to see you do this?”

“Oh yeah”, I exclaimed.

Then my cellphone rang again. I told Greg it was Lewis and then turned on the speaker. I answered it and Greg and I heard Lewis say, “Let’s talk.”

“About what? There is nothing I have to say to you. It’s over”, I sternly stated.

Lewis pleaded, “Please give me chance. Let’s talk”.

“All right then, I am at the Hyatt on Madison Street in room 1523”.

“Why are you there?”

“Do you want to talk or not?”

“I do”.

“Then get your ass over here quick” I said and hung up.

I asked Greg?” does he sound repentant?”

“I can’t tell.” he said.

I then said to Greg, “Fuck me before he gets here.” And he did while I fucked him back. Lewis got there quicker than I thought and Greg and I had fucked only once.

When Greg let Lewis into his room, Greg and I were both in robes provided by the hotel. He asked, “Who is this guy?”

I said “It doesn’t matter. But this morning I saw you fucking another woman in our bed. Now, if you have any desire to ever get back together with me again, then I want you to sit her and watch Greg fuck me. That’s what is going on here.”

Lewis asked, “I don’t understand?”

“I saw you fucking her. Now you can watch me fuck him. That’s what is going on.”

When Lewis started to say something I quickly said, “Shut up. Not only will Greg be fucking me but I will be fucking him. Right now I don’t want to hear your voice. You either watch without interfering, or leave this room and forget any attempt at reconciliation.”

Lewis again tried to say something, and I loudly interrupted again, “Sit down, shut up and watch or forget you ever saw me. I want you to feel what is like to watch and to know that your wife is fucking someone else. ”

I took Greg by the hand and pulled him to the bed saying, “I’m yours for as long as you want… to do and whatever you want. I turned and saw Lewis who was still standing across the room and said to Lewis, “Sit down now and start watching or consider that you and I will never be together again.”

When I saw Lewis sit down, I stood next to Greg and said in a wanting voice that Lewis could clearly hear, “I want you to fuck me now”.

Greg walked to my side and put his arms around me and we began to kiss. He then moved me so I was sitting on the side of the bed saying, “Show me your pussy again”.

From across the room Lewis asked, “Again?”

As I took off my robe I turned to Lewis and said, “Keep your mouth shut.”

Greg turned to look at Lewis which to me meant that Greg wanted to know how Lewis would react when we got sexual. Greg was being cautious but Lewis remained stoic. When my robe was off making me totally naked, I dropped in front of Greg, opened his robe, and began sucking on his dick. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lewis watching but not moving.

I blurted to Lewis, “Did she suck on your dick like this?”

Greg then pulled me up, pushed me to be on my back, laid next to me, put his hand on my pussy and began finger fucking me. I loudly proclaimed, “Oh, god yes.” We then began kissing again. I then helped Greg get his robe off. When we were both totally naked, I began sucking on his dick again. He put his hands on my head on he did this.

I then turned to Lewis and said, “I am making another man’s dick hard so he can fuck me with it. Did you see him finger fuck me?”

Lewis said nothing. Even when I got on my back, spread my legs and let Greg slide his dick into me, Lewis sat quietly watching. I’m sure he heard me loudly exclaim, “I want you to come in me”. He was surely watching as Greg started fucking me. My sorrow and anguish of a few hours ago was being converted to an orgasm that I felt building inside of me. When Greg began to grunt, I knew and could feel him coming again. I also felt a peak to my orgasm begin to build and began proclaiming, “Don’t stop… Please Don’t stop”. I then felt his come fill my vagina.

A few cool down minutes later, I sat on the end of the bed, spread my legs and with Lewis staring right at my bare pussy said, “Do you see his come dripping out of me?” Lewis stared at me but didn’t answer.

I then turned to Greg and said, “Fuck me again”.

We then proceeded to fuck two more times. By then I realized I had to get my kids at child care.

I told Lewis to leave Greg’s room and not to come back to our home.

When he asked where he should stay that night, I said, “Go live with your whore.”

When Lewis left, I thanked Greg, gave him my phone number and told him if he was ever in town again to give me a call.

I then left, went to my car, got my kids at day care, went home and spent the night sleeping on the couch. I pledged to get a new bed for my bedroom the next day.