Written by scots couple

29 Aug 2004

After watching a documentry on tv about dogging my wife and i were taken a back,but i could see she was real horny.

After months had gone by i looked up dogging on the net hey presto a site was 20 mins from our door after lots of discusion we decided to give it a try.

We arrived around 10 pm afetr 3 attempts to find the place we drove up this lane and we knew this was the place due to the cars parked in the lay bys,our hearts where pounding.My wife had dressed for the occasion sussies stockings lace panties,lace see through bra.

We drove the lenghth of the road and did`nt really know what to do or go but as we were driving the lane i was neading her breasts and squeazing her nipples,she seemed to be in the mood.

A car pulled out from a lay by and followed us up the road we turned our car around and went back down the road again and parked where the car had been,it came back just as it passed i put the interior light on and of and the car flashed its brake lights a few times we then followed a bit further down the lane the car was parked up so we parked just opposite it.

we got down to some petting and fondelling,i then noticed the guy get out of his car and walk in front of ours but he was a maybe 20 feet out,i could see him with his cock in his hand.I then put the interior light on and he was at the passenger side window within the blink of an eye.

My wife was leaning over sucking my cock beautifully i then started to pull her black tight skirt up from the rear to reveal her stockings sussie straps and panties that were right up the crack of her arse,the guys eyes said it all and the way his cock went solid was incredible i then sat my wife up and kissed and tongued her mouth i then started to unbutton her blouse and exposed her white bra which was holding her perfect 36c breasts,i pulled her breasts from her bra and began sucking her big hard nipples passionatley she was moaning and breathing deep.

She put her seat back and lay back revealing her beautiful breasts and i pulled her skirt up revealing her stockings sussies and panties that were see through,i started to suck her nipples while rubbing her pussy,the guy was looking right at her pussy and you could tell by his eyes he was in heaven.He then started to groan and he exploded and then left.

We stopped our passion as more cars came up the lane and my wife said she was not comfortable i was a bit hessitant to continue either.We moved off and pulled in to another layby further along the road where a car was alredy sitting the lights where on and a guy was sitting listening to the radio.we started our passion again and he was out of his car in a second watching my wife sucking my cock vigourously hh had his cock in his hand and he was wanking away,when another car drove past and we had to stop ad sort ourselves out.

The other car drove past and pulled into another layby behind us and its lights went out,the guy came back,so we put the interior light on and started again.I got her breasts out and skirt up and started to get into her with vigour she was moaning away as i fingerd her hole and sucked those great breasts.I could hear talking so looked up there where now 2 guys standing and i nudged the window down a little to hear what they were saying.

She is some sucker one guy was saying and he also said you should see her arse man i could ride her for aweek my wife then let out a moan that she was starting to cum the 2 guys started wanking like champions then another bloody car came up the road,we had to stop and my wife said lets go im not comfortable here.I said the show is over guys and they said ok mate thanks it was brilliant the thinner guy said take care and he had also chapped the window when he seen cars coming up the lane a very decent chap.

The other thing was that i could`nt get an errection the excitement and cars arriving was to much...

the next day we spoke about the experience and my wife said she felt weird but ok.We went shopping and she bought new white stockings sussies and panties and bra,looked as though we were on for that night i thought and i was right.

On arriving we pulled in to the layby and as no one was there we got down to buisness but i couldnt get hard to much ecitement i guess my wife was great and tried everything.So we went for a drive i had a piss and tried to calm down.We drove back and parked up we got right into one and other right away when a car came up and again we had to stop,then another car and we were getting pissed off at this time when the 2 guys from the previous night appeared at the window.

we started at it again i undone her blouse and got her breasts out of her new bra i could hear one guy say christ look at those,on hearing this my wife pushed them out and i started to suck them hard,i then got her to suck my cock as she did i could hear the bigger guy let out a moan he blew his load right away poor guy must have been gasping for a show.

then another car came up the road and the thinner guy tapped the window and ran to his car the other guy was already in his car and leaving.The car passed by and i put my window down and said this is crap he then said you should drive further down this dirt road it is very bumpy though,but you will not get bothered i said cheers mate he got into his car and we set off down this track.I thought he was leaving but no,he was following we got round a bend with plenty of cover perfect i though our hearts where still pounding and i was still having hard on probs.

we put the interior light on and i started to get the blouse unbuttoned and popped her breasts out,the guy was satanding out side her window dick in his hand watching me suck her great tits,i reclined her seat and mine whipped the jeans and shoes off and boxers,i got right in about her pussy and sucked her tits the guy said this is brilliant mate.i still did`nt have a hard on i then got up to her face and put my cock next to her lips she started to suck me wonderfully and i told her to rubb her pussy which she did the guy said this is beautiful.I was sucking her tits and i could feel my cock come a live it was springing to attention it was fucking solid and purple.

I started to lick her pussy and rubb it like hell i then said what do you think of her pussy ,the guy said beautiful he also said i bet she is some ride i said wait and you will see.I then asked her to get into the doggy position which she did promptly,i lifted her skirt up to reveal a beautiful arse dressed in sussies stockings and panties that where right up the crack of her arse.I said what do you think of this arse mate he said fucking beautiful i bet she is some ride i got my hard cock right in her cunt with one push she arched and moaned the guy said fucksake ride her mate ride her.i was right over her back squeezing her nipples and tits and kissing and tongueing her mouth.

The guy kept saying what an arse she has its fucking beautiful,i said to my wife can he touch your great arse she said no(i knew her boundries before i asked only i was allowed to touch and fuck her)i said ok honey and started to fuck her harder i felt so relaxed and i was shagging her great,I said to her again this guy has been ok he has shown us a good place and i think he is ok,she then said ok i opened the window and told him to touch her arse gently he did and he was trembling i could see him shake fuck what an arse he kept saying and rubbing it and squeezing it my wife was in heaven moaning deeper with every thrust i gave her,i then pulled out as i could feel my balls twitching and i told him to finger her which he did very gentle she moaned happily i then went round and got her to suck my cock while he played with her pussy she sucked me with such vigour i had to pull out or i would have cum,i then said to the guy have you got a condom he said yes my wife said no.

I then moved round and started to ride her hard and fast the guy was rubbing her arse gently moaning loudly i told him to rubb her tits at which she started to moan extatically.I grabbed her round and put her on her back and started to shag her for all my worth the guy was massaging her tits magnficently she was in heaven we all were.I said can he fuck you to which she replied yes he was like a rat up a pipe the condom was on in no time i was still shagging her like hell and i said lets make this a quick change over he said ok.

He got in the footwell and i could see his cock properly now it was rock solid and bursting with power he was in in one push she looked at me and said fucking christ he has it inside me with alarm the guy did`nt move he had his cock buried up to his balls in my wifes pussy,she then said but it feels good that was enough for him he started to shagg the living hell out of her she was all over the place bucking and moaning he was sucking her nipples as well and she was loving it,i seen him started to pound her pussy deeper and faster and she was moaning louder i was wanking like fuck.He then shouted you dirty bitch im starting to cum she shouted back fuck it into me just fuck it, he exploded and collapsed ontop of her but not before he gave her one hell of an orgasm.

he fell off her knackered and i got right in her pussy and went at it like a champion i knew i was going to cum real quickly but not as quickly as her we both lay in a heap it was brilliant.The guy thanked us and left.