Written by Mick Timms

2 Oct 2003

Scottish Highlands Part 2

We awake late after our fist night at our little hideaway in the Scottish Highlands. You are cuddling me, still half asleep after our love making the night before. I got up leaving you in bed for another few minutes as I went and prepared some tea and coffee and hot rolls for a late breakfast……..you came down to the kitchen and we talked about the marvellous love making the night before as we ate. I said it is my turn to tie you to the bed and have my wicked way with you where you do everything I wanted. You were a bit apprehensive at first but agreed to be mine tonight.

We left in the car having locked the door behind us, it was quite nippy but we travelled through some beautiful villages and mountain ranges, snow still on the peaks after winter. We stopped for lunch in a town near the North West of Scotland, had a fabulous bar meal and enjoyed some of the local company. The afternoon was sunny so we walked along the shoreline holding hands where it was peaceful, we chatted about everything, even our loving the night before. We had a long day and we headed back to our cottage in the hills stopping of along the way to pick up some takeaway food and another bottle of wine. I had been so horny all day thinking about our lovemaking last night and what may happen tonight, you had noticed and leant across me as I was driving, unzipped my trousers and pulled out my semi hard cock. You lowered your head and took my cock into your mouth as we sped along the empty road back to the cottage. My god you made my cock rock hard within seconds, so much so I had to adjust how I was sitting in the seat. I was now looking for a secluded place to stop as I wanted my cock inside you, I wanted to cum deep inside your pussy. I saw a track at last leading into the trees of the forest and pulled into it about 100 yards down the track. You were still sucking my cock when I stopped but now my hands were free to touch you, you sat back and I took out your tits from below your jumper and started to suck your nipples just the way you taught me. You lay back and gasped with pleasure as I now put my hand inside your knickers wanting to touch your clit. As this was difficult I suggested we go outside of the car, you agreed. Once outside I rested you up against the bonnet of the car, my cock still dangling from my trousers you had opened earlier. I undid your trousers and took both those and your knickers off letting them fall to the ground. You opened your shirt and let your tits out. Once those were off I pushed you further onto the bonnet and spread you legs so I could lower my head down and suck your clit. You were real wet as my mouth and tongue worked on pleasuring you. I sucked you pussy till you came gushing your cum over my mouth, wet salty and beautiful. I pulled my trousers of hurriedly, I wanted inside you so bad it hurt, pulling you towards me on the bonnet I leaned into you and pushed my cock into you gently, you gasped as my cock filled you, you gasped as I sucked on those beautiful nipples and tits. You put your hands around and grasped my ass and began to pull me inside your pussy, harder and harder as you like it. You cum very quickly this time raising your legs and wrapping them around me to feel my cock tighter inside your pussy, with gasps and cries of coming I gently feel you relax. I had not cum and really wanted to spend my cum deep inside you. I then pulled you gently from the bonnet and turned you around, spreading your legs so I could access my still rock hard cock into your pussy from behind. As I pushed my cock back into your very wet pussy you gasped and said you were going to cum again, this time I wanted to cum at the same time so I pressed you against the bonnet and began to pound my cock all the way up to the balls which were slapping you clit as I did so. I grasped your ass as I entered you so deeply and fast, your ass jutting back into me so I was deeper and deeper into your pussy. Now I put my hands around and search out your clit, it was so long and hard just like a mini cock. Now you started to call out that you were cumming, at this I felt my cock burst inside you, my cum shooting deep inside. We came together as I continued to push my cock inside till you went a little limp indicating you were finished. I turned you around and we held each other very close, you put your hand between my legs and grabbed my cock and made a joke about how quickly he was going limp. I said he is just taking a rest before we get back to the cottage, so we dressed and got back into the car and drove back, you sleeping on my shoulder as I drove.

When we reached the cottage it was just getting dark. I awoke you and we walked inside where we set the lights low and lit the log fire. We sat together in front of the fire and ate our meal and drank the wine. After the meal, you said you wanted a shower and that you would be back shortly. I could not help thinking about what our lovemaking will be later…………

You shouted that the shower was free and I went in and washed, showered and shaved. When I came out, still dripping wet, I saw you laying on the bed……and to my delight you had on your see through negligee and your stockings. There was a definite stirring in my pants as you were turning me on so, so much. I walked over and told you that it is my turn to tie you to the 4-poster bed; you smiled and touched your nipples and pussy through your negligee as if anticipating that very shortly your hands would soon be immobilised. I dropped my towel onto the floor and got the ties that were still lying next to the bed from the night before. I gently took a hand and tied it to the post, and then the other and then splaying your legs tied each one to the post. Your pussy was so exposed; you were also very wet and hot. I took another piece of silk tie and blind folded you, now you could neither see me nor touch yourself or me. I stood beside the bed on one side and as if using a feather, gently used my hand to rub over your body from the neck down, missing your erect nipples and your pussy, wanting you to ask me to fuck you. As I stroked your legs, I pulled the negligee up so your pussy was fully exposed to me and I could see your stockings. It was hard for me not to just jump straight in with my rampant cock and fuck you there and then, however I wanted my fun as you had the night before. I continued touching you for some minutes making sure your nipples were hard and pussy was teased and very wet. I now need you to touch me so I straddle across your belly and remove your tits from the negligee, pushing forward slightly I place my cock between your lovely tits and squeeze them together so that are holding me like your mouth or your pussy does. I rock back and forth wanking my cock between your tits and pinching your rock hard nipples, after a short time I hear you moan for me to touch you, to fuck you hard, you struggle slightly against the straps raising your hips higher as if to invite me to fuck you as you know how much I want to. I resist this time and move slightly forward so my cock is just inches from your warm wet mouth. Pushing my cock closer I ask you to open your mouth and suck me, you do. You cannot see me as I push inside and as you begin to suck and lick my long hard cock, this is so nice but I do not want to cum yet, soon I hope. I now get up and walk to the bag, I open it and take out the dildo you had brought along as I move back to you, I can see you are waiting in anticipation of what will happen next, your pussy is as wet as ever and your nipples are peaking through your negligee. I now turn on the vibrator real slow and I walk to the side of the bed and jump up beside you but not touching. I start to run the vibrator over you neck down to you just near your nipples, running around very close but not touching. I do this for a few minutes as you wriggle with the sensation, then I move down across your belly to just above your open and wet pussy. I play there for a few minutes making you wriggle more then I run the vibrator along the inside of your thighs along you black stockings. I now put my head between your legs and put my tongue onto your clit, I suck and tease you then I take the vibrator and place it in the opening of your pussy and gently push the head in, then bit by bit the whole length till it fills your pussy completely. Now you are wriggling with excitement telling me that you want me to fuck you with my cock, later I say as your ass bucks of the bed. I slip the vibrator in and out of your well-lubricated pussy and at the same time lick your clit with my tongue. Without warning, you buck faster and faster telling me you are about to cum, even I cannot stop it as you cry out so loud and fast as the feeling surges through your bucking body which strains at the ties. I continue to slip the vibrator deep into your pussy and am amazed at how powerful your orgasm is. You shout for me not to stop, you plead with me to put my cock inside you. At this time I cannot refuse what you are asking and I pull the vibrator out and replace it swiftly with my bulging hard cock. You are bucking against me so hard I feel like my cock was going to burst there and then. However, I keep the vibrator at your pussy and rest it so that it is on your clit. I too feel the vibrations as my cock rocks deeps inside your still cumming pussy. Again and again you cum straining all the time against the ties, my cock too has begun to pulse and I am aware that it will explode inside you at any time. Enough you cry out, I can’t cum any more. I fuck you deep and hard now as you do continue to cum with my cock and the vibrator taking you to pleasures never experienced before. As you buck one more time up against my cock, I bust, my cock spews out hot cum inside your now sensitive pussy….as I do I don’t believe it but you cum again with me deeper and deeper inside you. After a few minutes of laying entangled in each others love I slowly withdraw my cock, move to the side and remove the blind fold, you are smiling, your eyes all watery at having cum so many times. I release the ties on your hands and feet and you roll over to kiss me full and deeply on the mouth. We both lay on the bed for a long time both absolutely shattered from cumming……….you gently kiss me and roll off to sleep holding my cock as you did so…..I think to myself shall we have time for another love session like this before we leave tomorrow…I hope so as my cock begins to harden in your hand at the thought…..maybe just maybe I will cuddle up behind you now and slip my cock deep into your pussy?????