Written by Graham

17 Aug 2005

Last evening I was walking past Sandies when she came out for a chat. She sadi she had been chatting to Sophie and had heard her dogging experiences.Sge asked if I would take her sometime. I said if your up for it we could go nowShe went in to change and I fetched the car.

Sandie was wearing a short skirt and anblouse which showed her small tits off well.

We set off for a spot in the dunes where I had discovered doggers often went.On arrival we found a spot in the sand and made ourselves comfortable. Sandie and I stripped off and began fondling each other. Soon we were in the 69 position with her cunt dripping to my flicking tongue and my cock ready to come with the ministering of her mouth.

"Let's fuck," she said. So I rolled her onto her back and slid my cock into her small firm cunt. On entry she arched her back and her hot juices ran round my cock.

"You always make me cum like that. How do you do it?" she murmured. I pounded into her feeling the tip of my cock against the wall of her cunt.She was moaning with satisfaction when I shot my load into her.

" God that felt great."

I became aware of two guys who had been watching us and had thier cocks out wanking.

"Here's your chance." I said and motioned the two guys over.

Sandie was only prepared to wank them off and they agreed.

She took a tool in each hand and began stretching their skins slowly up and down. .As she increased speed the men began to breathe heavily. It was obvious they were enjoying themselves. Suddenly one of them grunted and shot a slimy load over Sandie's tits. He put his cock away and left. The other one soon came and shot an enormous ammount of sunk over her tits and down her tummy. He said thanks wiped himself and went happily on his way.

At this a woman arrived and said she had been watching and loved spunk could she lick Sandie clean. We agreed.

She straddled Sandie and was soon lapping her way at her tits. She stopped and said I could fuck her if iwanted while she carried on with Sandie.

I lifted her long flowin skirt to reveal her naked backside,her hairy quim dripping beneath it. I slipped into her and thought this holes that large I shall never arrive. Suddenly my cock was grasped by muscles and she said " Now fuck me!" So I banged way. My cock sliding up and down her cunt felt wonderful. Occassionally she would release her muscles and I would slip out Re-entering I would begin again. Eventually I came and shot a load into her. She rolled off and began to put her fingers into her cunt licking them clean and making yum yum sounds as she did so.

She left. and as ther was no more activity we decided to go skinny dipping to wash the sunk off SandieThe water felt warm and we played with eachother for some time.

We left the water and decide we would drive naked to the barn and make love on our own.

It is surprising how the risk of being caught makes one horny. My cock always shrivels up in water but driving along it was soon standing proud between my legs. Sandie moved acroos and took mt tumescence in her mouth and sucked me gently until we arrived.

We took the car blanket into the barn and Sandie says "Fuck me from behind like you did that woman on the beach.She knelt down parting her legs so I could see her bum ring and her cunt.My cock slid into her warm wet cunt and I moistened my finger and gently pushed it into her bum."Oh God. You done it again,"she cied coming madly over my cock. " Finish me off now! I want your Cum in me."

Fuck me ! Fuck me! she cried with each thrust and as I came she pushed hard against my stem clenching and relaxing her cunt. She screamed and I felt the warmth of her climax rush over my cock and out of her cunt onto my thighs.

We separated and lay there gathering our breath. We both agreed it was a great fuck after an interesting night out.