Written by tedski

9 Oct 2003

after the episode with thesailor(see how i lost my cherry)ands after a few years celibate as it were,I found myself in the army in the western desert.After a spell "up in the blue"it was always nice to go back to base and the first thing was a(communal)shower.I was an enormous tent with multiple jets.It was common practise to have another scrub ones backI asked the guy next to me to do so./He was an older guy who I hero-worshipped.he scrubbed then started to massage my body with soapy hands,this I liked,but as he did so his cock raised itself and i found it nestling between my arse cheeks.remembering my previous encounter with the sailor I just kept perfectly still.Of course it was impossible in the crowded shower and this guy left the shower.I left soon after but found to my delight that he was waiting for me.He suggested a little walk to somewhere remote.I was astounded that someone should actually want ME and he my hero.We found a spot and wasted no time takingoff pants,and I knelt and sucked the head of his cock.I had heard that it was an experience not to be missed.But he wanted more than that and soon was feeling my ass.I knew what was coming and I was not disappointed.He soon had his wonderful cock inside me and it was not long before I felt that powerful surge of hot cum inside me.I thought that that was the end of that,but he must have told his mates because I found a group of guys anxious to buy me beer until I was sozzled.I was then led out to an oil drum and laid over it Then followed a glorious gang rape which I enjoyed immensely and received six wads of hot cum where I enjoyed it My arse was delightfully sore for some while.I soon after found other guys approaching me for my body which I gladly gave.Most of the unit found that they preferred the body of a comrade to the only alternative the disease ridden hags that abounded.One guy had me and then found his homophobic nature by berating me and punching me.I had to restrain him (with a straight left)I am not effeminate in nature and I dont know what the guys would have done without me

Soon after there was amilitary episode and I found myself in hospital for six months and never went back to the same unit.I took the opportunity to go back into the closet and led a straight life for many years