Written by steve

25 Apr 2011

after being with bob on thee friday i had to work on the same machine as him all week we were in a room on our own .he kept going on about how i was such a good little cock sucker. he laughed when i blushed i was so embarresed.he brushed up against me when he could whispering you'll be sucking this friday night he was rock hard.and so was i by friday,i was quaking with a strange mixture of guilt fear and exstacy.when we got to bobs he gave me a whisky then another and soon i was pretty well drunk ,hetold me to strip and led me into his bedroom,the doorbell rang that will be errol he said,and went to let his mate in iwas knelt on the bed naked starting to regret being there when his huge black guy walked in with bob,i am 5'7 bob about 6'3 errolwas easily 6'5 and very broad,he grinned so your steve,i'm errol and your gonna do what i want,ok i just nodded he stripped off his body rippled with solid muscle and his cock was massive i thoght bob was big but this was unreal,don't just stare at it white boy suck it,i took it in both hands and as i wanked him he got rock hard itook as much as icould into my moth then decided to put my tongue down his fore skin he groaned and i got my tongue down his japs eye he held my head in his big black hands white boy take it down your throat bob says you love that i opened my mouth as wide as i could i was scared i'd choke,he said i aint gonna choke you but i am gonna fuck your throat he slowly begaan to thrust gong far deeper than bob and when i was gagginig he'd pull out till i got my breath,bob it's time you fucked his arse errol said, i stopped sucking him no i don't do that i said erroll slapped my faace with his monster cock you fucking do as i say whitey iwas made to get on my side bob had lubed up his cock who told you to stop sucking my black dick errol snapped i took him into my mouth bob eased a finger up my arse it didn't feel too bad as it was lubed up he finger fucked my arse and forced me onto errols cock he soon got two more fingers up me ok bob get up him errol said i felt bobs bell end pressing against my arse then suddenly he wa up me it hurt and i had to stop sucking errol take it slow bob errol said bob spread my arse cheeks wide and slowly began to fuck me my cock was so hard he lovin it bob his cock is throbbing ok stevie boy suck me i took errols cock in my mouth again as bobs thrusts got deeper and faster bob groaned and errol pulled out of my mouth as bob shot his looad up mt arse it felt incredible so much spunk filled my arse and i also came stronger than i had for years without even touching my cock,bob gripped my hips as he pulled me onto his balls .thhen gasping he pulled away. he was laughing that was tight errol he said slapping my arse. he's all yours i felt knackered,up on them knees whitey,errol snapped igot onto my hands and knees errol pushed my head down onto the bed he coated his cock with lube and entered me it was very painful he took his time till i got used to his size bob said i'm off to wash my dick errol eased further up me i know you won't take i all the first time so just relax and enjoy he began to fuck me faster and faster then bob was back thrusting his cock into my face suck it he said when i didn't do it quick enough errol slapped my arse and thrust deeper suck him you little white bitch i was soon taking cock at both ends they fucked me ragged both filling my holes at the same time once again i shot my load unaided,as they rolled away bob said he came again errol .errol grinning said luvs it don't he. we'll have a few drinks then bone him again,i got up and staggered into the bathroom too take a shower and clean up. when i went back they were in the living room.i got my clothes and was gettinng dressed.errol pulled my clothes away and slapped my backside where you think you going white boy, i stammered home to my wife,like fuck you are ring her and tell her you staying here,i rang and said bobs car had broken down and i was helping push it to his flat and would be staying the night my missus was ok about it as she had to work the saturday,i put the phone down and bob gave me a whisky drink that and sit between us i sat dwarfed by them on the settee i put my empty glass down and bob said another? i shook my head and took a cock in each hand and wanked them both .errol laughed i got this bitch trained already bob,were gonna have some fun with him.