Written by Bobsea1

27 Mar 2005

John Pat and I had by now been having the odd threesome for some months mostly at our house. One this occasion we had agreed to meet John at one of our work places. He and I both worked for a distribution company that had a number of small garages where the vans were kept. Each garage had a small kitchen and a room for the lads to sit in and eat their meals plus a locker room. One of the garages was only used between 7 in the morning until around 9 at night. Pat and I went for a drink first as John was working. As it was a local pub Pat had dressed in a nice white blouse with a long skirt. After three vodkas and bitter lemons Pat was very chatty and feeling very happy. I was on soft drinks but still felt pretty excited about the evening. John and I had agreed to meet at the garage around 1015 when we knew all the lads would have gone home. Pat and I left the pub and got in the car. I had asked her to bring something else to wear other than the long skirt so she had brought along a short brown skirt that she had worn in the 70s. It says a lot for her figure that she could still get into the skirt. It was lovely and short well above the knees and had the added benefit of poppers up the front which meant it was easy to get off. Even though she had been drinking she was quite nervous about wearing the skirt as she put it “I am in my thirties this skirt is not what a women of my age should wear”. It was also the fact that in the 70s she had worn tights where tonight she was wearing stockings so even a slight movement meant a quick flash. She was also wearing shoes which were like short boots that were laced up (her pixie boots). Five minutes later we pulled into the front of the garage and I left Pat in the car to check who was in the building. John meet me at the door and I went in he was very pleased to see me and confirmed that the building was empty. He asked” Is she in the mood” I said oh yes and then he asked “Is she wearing knickers?” I will tell you why he asked that another time. I replied yes to which John said “not for long though”. We both laughed and I went out and called Pat in. We all went though to the rest room area and John brought us both a cup of coffee which was drank quickly with general chatter about work etc. As soon as the coffee was finished John said he wanted to take Pat though to the garage and show her the new van. He grasped her hand and led her out of the room. I sat there and could hear her shoe rubbing on the title floor outside the door they then moved off into the garage. I later found out that John had been feeling her up though her panties outside the door and had intended to fuck her up against a van. But they were back in the room with me in seconds John had forgotten that there was a bloody big window in the garage area that looked out onto the street. He stood her in front of me as I sat in a chair and pushed his had up her skirt and down into her panties. At the same time he was pulling her blouse out of her skirt. I watched his fingers for a few seconds and then he said “give me a hand mate can’t get her tits out”. I pointed out hat skirt had poppers and leant forward and just pulled them apart and the skirt dropped to the floor. Together we then undid the blouse and flipped her out of her bra. John then had one hand mauling her tits and the other hand back in the panties. He was kissing her neck and telling her how fucking lovely she was. I pulled the panties down and over the short boots leaving her in stockings open blouse and tits hanging over her bra. She was turnaround and ended up bending forward sucking John while I unzipped and just pushed into her pussy. At that point we heard a car I pulled out saying I would check zipped up and shot out of the room. It was a car just using the front to turn round. I called out it was all clear then just stood in the corridor. After a few minutes I went back into the room the view I will never forget. Pat was on her back in one of the reclining easy chairs. All she had on then was stockings and the short boots the blouse and bra were on the floor. Her legs were either side of the chair arms with John naked fucking her. He arse was going up and down and then round and round. Her hands were running up and down his back and she was telling him how lovely he felt. I just stood and watched her legs go further up into the air with her knees bent. John who had been lying on her either kissing her mouth or using a hand to feel a tit lifted himself partly off her and started to speed up. I then moved slightly to my right so I could see between their legs. John was pulling his stiff cock out of her pussy and then ramming it back in. This went on for a while with him saying “oh yes fucking yes” with Pat responding only with grunts each time he went back in. Then John pushed harder still and even the chair stared to move. His arse then seemed to clench up and he drove in as he plainly started to pump cum into her. He then flopped onto her for a second kissed her saying thanks love then stood up to get his clothes asking” you want a go now mate she is nice and warm” I said I would wait to later. I had a lovely view of Pats open pussy as he stood up and then she jumped up and put her knickers on and then her skirt and blouse leaving the bra off. We said our goodbyes and left. Within yards of leaving I was driving one handed a freshly fucked pussy feels as good as does wet panties. Within mile we had stopped in a field entrance and as I turned off the engine Pat pulled her panties down. Within seconds I was across and up her cunt. Trouble is after watching a fuck and being in a very wet pussy there is a real danger of a quick climax. Pat knew this and pulled me hard into her so her clit was against the base of my cock and she said” so what did you see when came back into the room?” “You know what I saw” “What did you see?” “John between your legs fucking you your stocking legs and those shoes up in the air” At that point I felt her push hard against me and she climax saying “oh it was a sexy fuck” That did it her pussy got a second load.