Written by sim

3 Sep 2003

This is the true story of what happened last saturday night.a few weeks ago helen,my wife,had sex with a stranger in a toilet as told earlier,well we agreed it should happen again and had arranged for my mum and dad to babysit while we went out,anyway they turn up on saturday night and my dad invites himself out with us so we had no choice and went to a nice country pub.we'd been there a couple of hours and dad and helen had downed a bit between,i was driving so on the coke.anyway i started to tell dad about the stranger and helen having sex and he was gobsmacked,all he said was" are you going to do it again"to which helen replied "why not".i got up and went into the toilet and dad followed,once in there he just said"son,let me fuck helen will you tonight",i told him he could but he'd after see if she would let him,so i told him to get in the back of the car with her and just touch her leg and take it from there.we both went back to the table and helen got up and we left.sure enough helen got in the back and dad got in next to her,so i started to drive,after about five minutes dad put his hand on helen's leg and she said nothing so he slid it up her leg and on to her knickers he then parted her knickers and helen opened her legs wider and he put two fingers straight in her fanny and she loved it,so much so that she undid her blouse and bra and took them off,dad bent over and started sucking her nipples,helen undid his jeans and got out his dick she then sat astride his legs,but dad said"hold on i haven't got a condom"helen replied"don't bother with one"so he just put his dick straight in her ,after about ten minutes of frantic fucking he just shot his load up her she loved it.