Written by BobD.

7 Oct 2005

It had been about twenty years since I'd had the opportunity to talk and if the the truth was known try again to get in Ruby's knicks. We had been divorced that long. I felt I had to attend her mums funeral and later at her elder sisters house heard that Ruby's husband had recently left her. It was at her sister suggestion that I offered to run Ruby to her home so that she could change and collect her car, she was to stay at her sisters that night.

If you rememder in my true account I had persuaded Ruby at the tender age of 21 and just shortly after the birth of our first child, to drop her knicks for other men. I had enjoyed both her stories of her night out and the feeling of having my prick in some other guys cum up her freshly filled hole. This for many years.

We talked of the past during the drive and I pulled over in a lane not wanting to loose the moment, during the stop I leaned over and kissed her. One thing led to another and after a feal of a tit found my hand running up her thigh 'wow! she still wore stockings'with fingers in her knicks I soon had her wet but she stopped me there. Heart pounding and prick errect I took her to to what used to be our house.

Ruby invited me in and made coffee we said nothing of what had happened in my car. She excused her self to go upstairs and change. Putting down my cup and saying 'do you mind if I come up with you,I got up to follow, Ruby just shrugged 'it was up to me'. In her bedroom I watched as her black dress came off revealing matching black bra, stockings, suspender belt and a cute pair of knicks. Ruby still had a good body and still knew how to dress it. She stood facing me I stepped forward reached behind her and unfastend her bra dropping it on her bed, next I slid her knicks down to the floor. She stood in front of me legs a little spread her inner thighs slightly moist from earlier in the car, maybe a little old fashioned now, she still had a full black and curly bush. Believe me I still find it fascinating sitting opposite to a girl with a short skirt to see pubes sticking out of the elastic in her knickers. I remembered back to the night she'd come in and stood like this alongside our bed her knicks missing and someone elses cum running down her thighs, so beautiful. That first time.

Ruby sat on the edge of the bed while I undressed, we lay down her still in her stockings and spenders as she remembered how I liked the feel of being between her stockinged thighs. I am ashamed to say that I got that carried away that I was up her moist hole with no further foreplay and pounding away on her, it was so short! Soon I'd shot up her and collapsed on her. I apologised but was already late and had to dress quickly. My present wife would have long ago been expecting me home she would have dinner ready, it occurred to me for a fleeting moment that it would be good to have both in bed but I knew it wouldn't work.

Instead Ruby agreed to meet with me quite regularly which led to sex in car parks and the thing I'd never been able to get her to do for me. More to follow.