Written by gaz

28 Jan 2006

i work for a big distribution warehouse,and part of my duties include going around diferent departments doing health and safety monthly audits.normaly quite boring but not on this ocassion when i went into the small print shop run by two woman,both seemed to be in there late 50s.

did the usual things about the room looking for any hazards.i needed to go into the photo darkroom and asked margret and julia for the key,they were just going for lunch and were not to happy.flirtingly i said thought u wouldnt mind showing me ure nooks and crannys in the dark room.they both laughed as they unlocked and walked into the room with me following behind.had my notepad and pen and started looking about,was a small room so could not help rubbing up against them as i poked about.i felt a hand on my backside as i bent over and looked under the table and jumped up and hit my head.i heard a snigger from behind and a voice say very nice,shame ure trousers r in the way.at that a hand came around my waste and was fiddling with my flies and then they were unzipping and margret said to julia looks like we struck gold here as her hand grasped my now hardening cock.julia asked her what it felt like and she said it was hot and throbbing but not as hot as this as she took my hand and thrust it up her skirt and placed it on her knickers.i could feel the heat and her knickers were damp.i heard julia moving about behind me and then she took my other hand and said is margrets pussy as hot as this placing my hand on her naked pussy,she had removed her knickers.my fingers founds her love box and i dipped a finger inside and slowly finger fucked her pussy.they layed me down my finger still embeded in julia's steaming pussy as margret's mouth covered my cock and sucked it deep into her mouth.julia stepped over me and i could see her pussy under her skirt as she lowered herself down and onto my awaiting mouth and tongue.her soaked pussy tasted really sweet as i explored it with my tongue darting in and out lapping her juices up and swallowing tham down.margret was well away wanking my cock with one hand as she sucked the life out of it with her mouth.i heard her say ive got to have this cock fucking my cunt.then she stood up and lowered herself doan,pulling her knickers to one side and guiding the head of my cock into her tight pussy.with margret's hips going up and down and me thrusting my cock into her it wasnt long before she had an orgasm and i felt her juices running down my cock and onto my balls. julia said its my turn now and they switched places and now julia was fuking me,i could feel my balls throbbing and i held back my cum as long as possible but julia's pussy was just as or even tighter than margrets and i groaned as i shot my cum deep inside her,julia moaned and came almost the same time.margret wanted to lick my cum out of julia's pussy and as she was doing this my cock still hard i found her arsehole and put some of her juices on my fingers and rubbed it into her bum hole and pushed a finger slowly inside,it went in quite easily and after a cpl of strokes i took it out and gently pushed my cock head into it.holding her hips pulled her ass towards me and my cock disapeared inside she moaned a bit as it went in then i started thrusting my cock in and out deeper and deeper until my balls were slapping her arse as i fucked her. it wasnt long before i was shooting my hot spunk into her.i pulled my softening cock out and went around to them and they both licked it dry.we got dressed and i said i may have to come back tomorrow and finnsh the job of.they said they couldnt wait. the next time i went back they had another woman there from a diferent department but thats another story.