Written by Belinda F

21 Mar 2005

My heart was thumping with excitment as I ran through the fir trees wearing just a long black hooded cape to hide my nakedness. I trembled thinking of my secret assignation with a new lover at the edge of the city. My mind was a whirlpool of sexual excitment, and I could not control myself when it came to sex. I knew that I was already soaking wet just thinking of him and as I felt my erect nipples through the cloak and they stood out to my touch like cherry pips in anticipation of my lover's lips. I was late and needed to be there by ten past. I had to slow down trying to follow the path through the moonlight and thought of him waiting for me. He would be impatient for me and not at all pleased with me being late. An owl hooted somewhere in the distance as I pulled the cloak tighter around me and smiled to myself as I must have looked like that "Scottish Widow" in the advert. I wonder if she had nothing under her cloak!!

Then my thoughts returned to Mollie, someone that I had met recently at a party and I adored her. When we made love I was transported to another world. We just had to be near each other and I just went wild kissing and touching her heavenly body. We had spent the most divine stolen nights together in each others arms and I found the scent of her body intoxicating. I found her so sensual and her lack of confidence adorable. She was not experienced in girlie love but was learning fast and she loved me to take the lead and to slightly dominate her. I so enjoyed to lap her little pussy and hear her scream out my name as she slipped into one orgasm after another. I tried to be with her as often as I could. We had developed a kind of telepathy that has grown since we became close and I can pick up in the mornings and evenings when she is masterbating, especially when she plays with her lovely clitoris in the bath and we attempt to come at the same time although the miles part us.....such is our closeness now. Then I feel the pain again....that she will be going away for the whole summer. Not contactable for six horrible months and the thought of it hurts so much!

I feel the tears pricking my eyes as I ran on following the path through the trees. Lights now twinkled in the distance and I heard a church bell chime the hour. I am going to be late! Tasting my salty tears imaging my life without Mollie in it, I felt guilty remembering that I was cruel to her last night, telling her that I was meeting this incredibly new sexy man, who wanted my body in the middle of the night. I knew how much it would hurt her, so why did I do it? Did I want her to be jealous... perhaps? Did I want to hurt my beautiful girl because she was leaving me....probably. I started to run again, the path was straight now and I was not far from the edge of the city and my thoughts returned to my new man and the next few hours we would spend together. He would be angry that I was late, wasting our precious time together. He was a vary demanding lover and an experienced one and he really knew how to fuck.

Leaving the woods behind me now I disappeared into a maze of stone passage ways, and lost my way. Looking down at my watch I realised that I was really late now, but then suddenly there he was and I felt my body tremble with excitment as I threw myself into his arms. Melting into his body my heart was thumping again and my body quivered with excitment as his hands clasped my breasts and we kissed passionately.

"You are late" he shouted as he started to pull me along in the direction that I had just come from and into the woods. Giving me one of his wicked grins he shook his head and said "You are a verY naughty girl, aren't you....you know how cross I get if you keep me waiting!"

AS we went back into the woods I noticed someone a small distance away but I did not have time to look back as he pulled me at speed down a small pathway. Hardly able to think straight or look round I was back in the world of my demanding lover. We had now come to a clearing with a mossy floor where he stopped and threw me to the ground. Tearing off my cloak nd exposing my nakedness to the moonlit woodland.He stood above me and I gazed up at his prick that was enormous and throbbing with pre cum oozing from the tip. "Don't just lay there you lazy bitch....Suck me" he yelled, pulling me onto my knees. Both of us were laughing as he stuffed his hard throbbing cock into my mouth, and as I leaned towards it I felt a thrill run through me like something I had never experienced before. I started sucking it with its swollen veins, mercilessly up and down as it pulsated and grew even bigger. "Suck it harder " he yelled "Come on you filthy little slut, please your master! he laughted as I nearly choked on his spurting spunk. I could feel his hot breath on my face as he pulled me up holding my breasts against his unshaven cheeks, then roughly he kissed me again before he laid me back down looking at my small defenceless body in the pale moonlight, which was aching for every inch of him now.

"What a lovely cunt you have" he said, feeling the folds between his forefinger and thumb. It was so exciting I felt my body tremble and my pussy lips open like a flower to his touch. The soft lips of my cunt were wet, warm and soaking with desire and exposed to his gaze, as I felt another little wripple move through me again in anticipation. He then pulled me against him and we rolled like two chilren on the mossy forest floor as we made love again and again in the moonlight. I lay at peace with the world for a while in his arms listening to the silence around us. Then climbing onto my knees I waited in a doggy position for him to ride me from behind and as he came close I felt my arse dilate in anticipation of the beautiful hard cock that was about to enter me. Oh that fabulous familiar feeling as he pushed inside, and I swallowed his cock, all of it and his balls banged against my bum in a steady progressive rhythm. Holding my tits tightly we rocked together backwards and forwards screaming out. He pushed me lower and his prick went in even deeper. Such a thrill shot though me, as he came stretching me wider as he screamed out and exploded inside me. My face felt flushed and hot as I screamed his name again through a mixture of pain and pleasure. "I aim to please you, o Master" I said laughing, and fell to the ground where we lay together talking for a while tired from our activity.

He soon had to return to his lonely hotel room and colleaque from work, and I needed to get back. So we kissed and planned where we would meet again as he pulled my cloak back over my shoulders. Our last kiss was long and deep as we cuddled inside it together. His eyes were shut as mine were and I stayed in his arms as long as I could. As I gently opened my eyes I thought I saw some movement behind some trees and staring hard I saw Mollie! Oh no I thought biting my lip, had she watched it all!! It had been fun but we had had lots of sex,too. I must somehow follow her, but I could not leave quite yet, it would spoil a wonderful evening.

Within a few minutes I was back on the path that I knew Mollie would take and moved quickly after her. It took me a while but eventually I caught up with her. I could see that she had been crying and took her quickly into my arms. "Oh darling, what have I done?" I said holding her close to my body, she felt cold and was trembling. "Come back with me, I have so many things that I want to say and do to you,sweetheart" I whispered. It was now my turn to pull her by the hand through the woods. Soon we were back to where I was staying and we went up to my room. It was small but deliciously comfortable with a big feather mattress on the bed. I had wanted to make love to her all night long here, but not under these circumstances. Pulling her gently towards me I started to undress her like I would a child and kissing her deeply, as she loved me to.I soon had her naked and in my arms. We had not said a word but our beautiful love making soon took over and I felt that familiar tingle travel through my body and as the sensation spread I slid my fingers into her surprisingly very wet little cunt and I moved my fingertips very gently to where she loved best. "Oh Belinda she whispered hoarsely, "I was so jealous and yet so wet and horny watching you making love to him, it really turned me on" Positioning myself on top of her I felt her soft skin and breasts against mine, our pubic bones touching and our hair pushing into each other, as we moved rhythmically together and kissed deeply. Our pleasure lasted for ages as we squirmed and moved our feminine bodies on the bed. Suddenly I heard her whisper "I love you so much Belinda". "And I love you too" I replied, as my fingers explored her body and moved downwards to her tight little arse hole. Turning her slightly to give me more access I circled round the little hole slowly as Mollie wriggled gently saying "Belinda, I adore the way you do that" as I slipped my fingertip inside with my other hand freely caressing her bum cheeks. "God, could life get any better" I thought, as our bodies moved as one and she shuddered into noisy multiple orgasms. I kissed her until she had finished coming and asked if I had been forgiven? Lying in each others arms she purred like the cat that had got the cream, and told me that she would forgive me anything.....and I think she would!!!!

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