Written by paul

21 Aug 2006

we were having our bedrooms repainted by an older semiretired painter called ron

the one room was my wifes dresssing room and she always had panties all over the place and i warned her to keep them out of sight as i had caught ron glimsing throu a porn mag when i looked through the crack in door one afternoon

he had to go out for more paint and i slipped in and had a glance at the mag he had with him

to my surprise it was not just women in there

at the rear which had my cock growing were guys in panties and stockings as well

i have always love dressing and before i was married had a great time with guys i had met and spent a long time with one who showed me all the ropes toilets cinemas and also had great times with one or more who loved their guys dressed

the next morning my wife had gone to work and i left about three pair of panties on the bed

ron came in and started work

ilooked throu the crack in the door and could see himm picking them up and fingering them

i made a noise so he knew i was coming and he pretented to be working and i mumbled about my wife leaving her panties around

i put two pair back in the draw and said aloud these will do just fine

he looked and stared as i left

i have a room next to where he was working whih i had my stockings and suspenders ready and quickly got dressed

with my cock growing as i waited and hoped

i sat on my computer chair which faces the door which i allowed to stay open enough if ron did look in as he walkes by

i was on the swinging heaven site looking at all the sexy ads and gently wanking with my heart in my mouth

it must have ten mins before i noticed that the door was opened further than i left it but kept stroking my now hard cock and then i could feel him behind me now heavy breathing and whispering below his breath

i turned around and his cock that was now hard was in front of my face

he then pulled me onto his cock and said suck it and as he did was calling me all the names slut bitch that turn me on

our session lasted well over an hour which i will write about in mynext story about him taking me out again which i thought would never happen again

but i now like sucking wanking poppers spanking all from this very horny semi retired guy who i now visit when we have a chance for horny times together