Written by Creampie for dinner

18 May 2006

A few years ago now during one of our hot summers I arranged for a builder mate to pop round and try it on with my then wife Karen,as I had always wanted to see her fucked by another man and this mate was leroy who was big and black and known round the area for fucking any woman.He rang me when he was nearing our house and I told him to go down side entrance as she would probably be sunbathing with headphones on and he carried on talking as he found her eyes closed with legs apart and he said he could see damp patch at front of bikini bottoms and he said she had big tits that he wanted to play with then he hung up.I sat at work wondering what was going on so I told a colleague I had to go home and set off and I was rock hard on the train thinking of Leroy using my wife I wanted to watch and it seemed ages until I got home and I went down the side entrance and couldn't see anything except a few bottles of beer so I went in the backdoor removed my shoes and crept upstairs and halfway up I could hear moaning as Kraen was urging him on to fuck her and he was calling her his white whore,slut,bitch so I moved further up the stairs and ;luckily I could se through the slit in the door as she was on all fours as he rubbed his big shiny cock up and down her hairy bush and he rammed it right up her and she shrieked and he asked if she was ok but she just told him to fuck her like a whore and not stop until he has emptied his black seed inside her and I nearly fell over as I had dropped my trousers and was wanking a few feet away from them as sweat was pouring down his body onto her arse and he asked her if she was sure she wanted his spunk inside her pussy and she just nodded and it was obvious he was going to come soon as he grabbed her arse closer and told her to get ready and he groaned as he pumped in and out and she just said yes yes yes as he spilled his seed and I shot my spunk up the door and Leroy then went round to the front of Karen and slipped his cock into her mouth and told her to clean his cock and she didnt need telling twice and I slipped into the bathroom but not before I wiped the door with my trousers and I heard voices as Leroy told her to be ready whenever he phones and then I heard the front door slam.I grabbed a pair of jogging trousers from the laundry basket and a t-shirt and peeked through the slit and karen ahd got out her big black dildo and was fucking herself saying Leroys name over and over so I crept back downstairs and out the front then put key in door and shouted out her name I ran upstairs and caught her trying to change the sheets with spunk running down her legs so I pushed her to the bed and asked her what she had been upto as I spread her legs wide and saw my first creampie and I moved closer stuck two fingers in as she relaxed and she told me to lick her out and my tongue went in and began to lick their mixed juices and it tasted good so I had her sit on my open mouth as she rubbed it all over me.After cleaning her I slipped my cock inside her used pussy and shot my spunk inside and we lay there cuddling kissing as I told her she can give me a creampie for dinner anytime she wanted and she hugged me and told me she wants to please me and we went on have plenty of fun before we divorced but those memories live with me for ever.