Written by Allan and Debbie Preece

18 May 2004

My wife Debbie, and I are partners in a holiday business based in the Bahama's but have offices based in Florida. We recently used a Florida based compaany to produce a consignment of promotional DVD's that are mailed to potential customers throughout North, Central and South America. Due to a variety of transitory reasons we recently entered into cashflow difficulties. This was not going to be a problem long term until we found out that the DVD production company had been taken over and the new owner contacted us and demanded that settlement was made within the agreed and contracted period - i.e. within the following 7 days or else. In the circumstances we couldn't make payment and arranged to meet Tony the person we owed the money to. We took him out for a meal and tried to bargain hard, but he remained insistent. By the end of the meal he still wanted the payment on the due date. He called the next morning, and spoke to Debbie and made an "offer"

His production company also made adult erotica (a.k.a. porn) and if Debbie appeared in a film he would waiver the money owed. We held out as long as possible but in the end Debbie said she'd do it. She phoned Tony and having been told that the resultant DVD would not be sold in either the USA or UK agreed to do it.

Three days later I dropped her off at the "studio" and was allowed to stay and watch. The studio was a large warehouse with various sets. Debbie had been told what to wear and was led to a bedroom set. Debbie is early 30's and as a teeneager had done some modelling and promotional work and knew how to react to the camera. Although she has filled out a little she still has a figure to die for and her tit's are something else - shape, size and shape - they're perfect, complete were pert little nipples that stand to attention.

There was no dialogue in the film - it would be voiced over for whatever country the DVD was destined - when we saw the actor - Mario - we guesssed from his looks that it would be South America.

She was instructed to stand by the bed facing the camera and Mario stood behind her kissing her neck and fondling her boobs. He turned her around and slowly unzipped the long zip on her black dress, let it slid down and told her to kick it away. He then undid and removed her black lacey bra freeing her tits - he turned her back to the camera and started to fondle them once more. He moved his hands down to her black knickers hooking his thumbs into the elastic and pulled the down. She was left wearing only her black stay ups. Mario pushed her onto the bed and immediately opened her legs and went to work on her cunt, she was soon moaning and I could tell it was for real. He turned her over and asked her to put her bum up, he then gently held her cheeks apart and started to rim her with his tongue, occasionally slipping a finger partly into her arse while his other hand went round to slip fingers into her cunt. Mario stood up and back from the bed and told Debbie to strip him. He then sat her back onto the bed and stepped forward and told her to rub his semi-hard cock. I could see he wasn't exactly on the small size but as Debbie rubbed him the blood flooded in and soon his cock was a good 10 inches and quite thick. Debbie was told to start sucking him and took in his end which by itself filled her mouth. It was clear that Debbie was expected to deep throat him. She doesn't normally do this and I just couldn't believe my eyes as she slowly and deliberate took the whole of his cock into her mouth and down her throat, retching just the once but managing to control it.

Mario withdrew his glistening cock and asked Debbie to put a condom on him, she then knelt doggie fashion on the bed and Mario's 10 inches disappeared up her arse - the look on Debbies face was unbelieveable, a mixture of surprise, pain and pleasure. Mario must have pumped her for a good 10 minutes with Debbie shuddering to climax on 3 or 4 occassions. He turned her over and slipped inside her cunt, putting her legs up and over his shoulders. He pumped away again for another 10 minutes with Debbie coming numerous times - you could tell she was getting a little fatigued - at the last moment he took his cock out, removed the condom and asked Debbie to rub him while he came in her mouth and when he did he just kept coming and coming and poor Debbie could only keep swallowing.

Tony signed the forms releasing us from our debt, but unfortunately we never got a copy of the DVD as the local police and FBI raided the studio 3 days later and arrested Tony - he is awaiting trial for embezzlement, fraud and a host of other charges - and a friend with the local police department mentioned in passing that all the films in the warehouse were burnt.