Written by Dan

1 Feb 2004

I spent many years working in the Arabian Gulf. While I had nothing directly to do with the oil industry, obviously there were many expats working in that field. They had fabulous conditions of employment; high, tax free salaries, super accommodation and long leaves. The downside, for them, was that they had to work in the desert, usually 28 days on and 10 days off. This meant that there were an awful lot of wives left alone for long periods at a time. Many of them got involved in a variety of [boring] activities but there were equally many who wanted something more interesting to do. I was talking with a couple of them one day and it quickly became obvious that they were very frustrated. There one great hang up was that they didn’t want to ‘go the full way’ – don’t ask me why but they felt that this would be wrong.

As they talked about their problem they were becoming more and more agitated, almost falling off their chairs as they squirmed. One even started to caress herself rubbing her breasts wit her hands. It was too good an opportunity to miss. “Why don’t you let me play with you? I promise not to enter you but there are a lot of things we could do that would get some of your frustration out.”

They instantly agreed and I kissed both of them in turn. They were instantly plucking at me. One had her hand in my crotch like a flash. “Hold it,” I said, “lets play this game so that we all get the most pleasure out of it. Now you tell me what you’d like me to do and I’ll do my best to satisfy both of you.”

They thought about this for a moment and then made a list that almost made me blush!

Firstly they wanted me to take off their clothes with my teeth! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to unclip a bra with your mouth but it’s difficult and a whole lot of fun. Buttons were also a challenge but one that I rose to, in more ways than one. Needless to say, as each item came off, a new bit of flesh was exposed that needed licking or sucking. Eventually, I was dragging their knickers off. They were soaking and their holes were inflamed. Up to this point, they had been fairly passive but you can only lick one clitoris at a time! The other wife watched for a bit but then began to drag my clothes off. No teeth only for them! It was a great relief as I had a very hard erection on. The second wife wriggled underneath my legs and took my cock deep into her mouth. I was in heaven. Sucking on one wife’s cunt and being sucked off by the other one. I have to admit that I came very quickly. Quite obviously, she’d never had a man come in her mouth before. She started to choke and we broke apart while she continued to splutter. The first wife saw the problem and gently kissed the other licking away my cum which was dribbling down her chin. This calmed the woman down and she relaxed. The other woman cuddled her and began to stroke her breasts. She closed her eyes while her friend very slowly kissed down her body, pausing to suck each of her nipples before putting her head between her thighs and started to vigorously and noisily to lick into her cunt. Just as she started to do this, the woman opened her eyes and saw me watching. For a moment she hesitated and then, closing her eyes, put her hands on the woman’s head and gave her a rhythm for her licking. I watched one of the most total lesbian sessions I have ever seen. Even if I wasn’t allowed penetration that certainly did not apply to them. The woman being licked gave a massive shout and came. Even where I was sitting, I could see her body shake with the force of it and masses of juices ran out of her cunt. Her lover licked them up and rolled on to her back and the process was repeated for her. I don’t know how long they went on for. It was probably well over an hour but believe you me, when you’re watching an act like that you don’t look at your watch.

Eventually, they lay back and looked at me. “I suspect you didn’t think we were going to do that.” Said one of them. “and to be honest, I’ve never done anything like that before”. “but it won’t be the last time” interrupted the other. They lay there for a few minutes murmuring to each other. Eventually, the one whose cunt I’d started to lick rolled across to me and took my cock into her mouth. Because I had cum earlier, I could lay back and revel in the sensation. Her sucking was beautiful interspersed with her tongue twisting itself round my cock. It took around five minutes for me to cum but it was some of the most exquisite five minutes of my life. She did not gag when I came but taking all my cum into her mouth kissed the other wife and they swallowed it together.

That was the start of the ‘non-penetrative club’. Many wives joined and I was given the task of seeking out other men to join. An easy job? Not really, as the wives wanted absolute confidentiality. Meanwhile, I continued to enjoy myself. I think that I could now bring any woman to climax with just my tongue. I really got a taste for it! I have to admit that one or two of the wives occasionally forgot the rules and we had some memorable fucks penetrating every hole. I remember one woman who wanted it up the arse – but that’s a story I’m not allowed to tell.