Written by Andy

17 Oct 2005

A while ago, my wife Miriam and I advertised in the SH "couples seeking men" section. It started as a bit of fun and we enjoyed reading the masses of e-mails we received each day.

Miriam is an attractive, petite brunette in her 40's, very flirty and, at heart, quite an exhibitionist. She's always dressed sexily, even at work, short skirts and low, revealing tops, being her normal wear! As a result, she's always attracted a great deal of male attention and has enjoyed being admired!

Likewise, I have always got a thrill out of knowing that these guys are mentally stripping her and wanting to fuck her!

We'd talked about that very thing one night over a bottle of wine and I persuaded her to place the SH ad for a single guy for a MFM!

We received hundreds of replies and we shorlisted five.

One guy, Phil from Stoke, caught her attention and she surprisingly asked me to contact him to arrange a meeting!

I was taken by the fact that she seemed so keen to meet him and was excited at the thought that my wife wanted to meet another guy!

We arranged to meet Phil at the Moat House Hotel in Sheffield one Thursday evening. He booked a room and we met him in the bar for a "drink" to give us all chance to see if we got on OK. Miriam took to him immediately and made it clear that she was up for it!

When it came to the "crunch", Phil acted the gent, wasn't pushy in the slightest and gave us his room number. If we wanted to take it further, he said, just knock on the door!

As soon as he'd gone I looked at Miriam and asked what she thought!

"Let's do it!" she smiled! My heart pounded as we made our way down the corridor and knocked on Phil's door.

Very little was said, as Miriam climbed onto his bed and invited him to strip her! I couldn't believe how forward she seemed!

He left her in just her hold-ups and stilettos, her gorgeous tits and shaven pussy waiting his attention!

Phil and I stripped and joined Miriam on the bed. I started to kiss her as Phil went down between her open legs and began licking my wife's pussy! She loved it, her body was writhing and she was groaning as his expert tongue probed her slit! I'd never seen her like it!

I moved down to her tits, sucking them and Phil moved up to her face, feeding his hard cock into my wife's mouth! She sucked on him like a whore. I watched his cock thrust in and out of her mouth, really fucking her face, as I climbed between her legs to fuck her for proper!

She almost screamed as I entered her, almost gagging on Phil's cock! The excitement was too much and I spunked in her quite quickly as Phil came in her mouth!

Phil was a star and recovered quickly, rolling on a condom and sliding into Miriam's shaven hole easily due to the lube of my spunk!

She was screaming now, telling him to fuck her harder...and he did, emptying his spunk into the rubber!

As he lay, still inside her, he reached for a coke bottle off the bedside cabinet and began teasing her clit with the neck of the bottle.

I slipped my cock into her mouth, watching Phil with the bottle. As he pulled out of her, he slipped the neck of the bottle into her and began fucking her with it! How fucking horny! She climaxed on a fucking bottle! (That is honestly true!!)

Miriam was well gone now, game for anything, so when Phil slipped his cock back into her cunt without a condom, she didn't object, far from it! She knew she was being barebacked and she just wanted more and more! Phil didn't disapoint! She orgasmed again as Phil pumped her unprotected hole full of warm sperm!

Amazing! She was in her element, sexed up like a whore and I loved it!

I lost count how many times we both fucked her, but I reckon her pussy took at least 7 loads of spunk from us over a three hour period!

We left Phil's hotel around 1.30am, Miriam quite shattered but totally satisfied!

Thanks Phil, what a night for us all!