Written by simon&claire

18 Jul 2004

we had put an advert on swingingheaven for a man to join us in a 3sum,we had loads of replys and one chap stoodout,he was terry 48 from poole just around the corner frm us.we arrange an evening to meet up&we gave him directions to our home&started to get ourselves ready,we got plenty of drink in a new striping board game and waited for the evening to cum.

it was the night of the 3sum&mywife was getting herself ready by having a hot bth shaving where it counts&geneally looking a million dollars for our guest.she was going to wear a short frilly skirt white thong&red crop top that was tight over her 36c brests,so she looked great&ready for the fun.

we both had a large drink before terry got to us just for courage&set up the video camera for the est angle.the doorbell rang and we both got up to answer it we let him in&showed him to the front room where we had everyting set up,drinks the game&some blue movies oh&some condoms got to be safe.

terry seemed a very relaxed guy easy to speak to,we l started chatting and decided to start the game where we had to spin an arrow which landed at a dare whic ment you had to strip an item off or have a drink,this of course soon gets you veryrelaxed&naked.

as my wife didnet liketo drink very much she had to lose her clothes much quicker then us men,she soon had her 36c tits out which showed terry how large her nipples were&made his mouth water&you could see he wasgetting a large hard on which got my wfe very wet.

the game went on for awhile but we soonwere all naked&my wife was by now getting very horney,i started the video camera up&toldterryto join my wife onthe sofa which he did&as soon as he wa there hestarted to grope my wifes tits as i videoed the two of there whichwas so exciting my cock was rock hard&i was shakeing wth excitment.

terry soon had his hand down between my wifes legs&sheopened them up without complaint she ws lving every minute of it &so was i,terry was vry good at fingering her&son had her g.spot which made her cum hard ovr his fingers,this was his cue to get down&lick hr out &taste her sweet cum this just made her cum again yet much harder&he was drinking eery drop .

i told her to get on top of terry in a 69 position so he could give er a god licking out&she could suck hiscock it was sohorney watching another man licking my wife&her suckinghis cock,the video helped me do a close up of them playing&of him eating my wifes pussy,her moans of pleasure just made it so horney i just had to join in&as thay ere in the 69 i slipped my cock up inside her allready soaked pussy&that just made her cum again &again to terrys delight.

he was going to fuck her next but she was to good for him&he spunked as he sucked him off,so all that we could do was to hand the video camera to terry&i stood in front of my wife&wankedoff till i came over her face which she loved.we all got dressed&arranged to meet again very soon for more video fun.

we hope to meet several different people who will join i with our funso if your not shy maybe you could find us&make contact well lets hope hay,ladys most welcome,well off to watc our videos now happy reading simon&claire