Written by benwickham

16 Aug 2014

I offer a shaving service in Poole ,I have many happy peeps who call round to be shaved smooth ,mainly men but I do also shave women and couples ,,,,,,,,,I always offer a very happy ending afterwards as well lol

its funny but all the so called straight guys really enjoy a mutual oral session afterwards , I've shaved all ages from 18 to 72 being my oldest person and I have shaved all sizes of cocks from the minute to the bloody ridiculous , one guy was so big he even sucked himself off !

anyway this straight guy aged around mid twenty's turned up for a ball and pubic shave , he had rather a very nice cock around 7.5 inches when erect and the foreskin slid back to reveal a very nice bell end , after the shave he had already asked if I would give him a happy ending, I started by licking his newly shaven balls then I worked my tongue up his shaft then I ran my tongue all round his bell end before I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him with long slow strokes ,he made a nice purring sound as I sucked him harder and faster ,he then told me to stop and as I did he bent over and slipped my boxers off and started to suck me asif it was the last cock on earth ,I told him I was going to cum if he continued at the speed he was sucking me and he just said you better had cum I wanna drink all your hot cream ... shortly afterwards I started to cum shot after shot of my cream , he took it all . as soon as I started to go soft in his mouth he kneeled up and then he wanked his cock till he cum all over my cock and balls , now I have met many heavy cummers over the years but this guy well it just flooded out of him ,never seen as much cum from one cock ever and that beats all porn stars !

after we had cleaned up and he had left I was sat watching tv when the phone rang ,

it was him he began to explain that he had showed his wife the result's of his shave and she was well impressed , which was nice to know !anyhow he went on to say she had asked if I shaved women ,of which I replied of course I do , he went on to say that I would probably not want to shave his wife as she was seven months pregnant !

I told him that's up to her im ok with it .

anyway couple of nights later they arrived at mine , she asked me what she had to do ,I told her well you need to take your bottom half's off , to which she replied no I will take everything off don't want a mess !

so there she is lying on the warm towels naked ,now I will leave it to your own imagination of what her nipples were like at seven months pregnant !!!

so I began shaving her to be honest there was not much to shave anyway , I then said to her would it be ok if I inserted my fingers inside her to stretch the skin , she said do whatever you need to ,so I slipped two fingers inside her well after a few minutes I realised she was getting wetter and wetter , as I looked at her hubby he was sat on a chair watching , he had his cock out and was wanking like mad lol, I said to him are you enjoying yourself then ! he replied this is so fucking horny watching yer mrs get shaved ! and she replied not as horny as lying here being shaved !

well that was an understatement as my fingers were now soaking in her juices !

anyway couple of minutes later I had finished shaving her , hubby turns round and says bloody hell cant wait to road test that now ,, she said you have no chance pal ,but as quick as anything he jumped on the bed and buried his head into her cunt and was licking her like mad she was screaming in ecstasy . I satand watched my cock was rock hard bursting out of my pants ,

she told him to wait till they got home ... anyhow they dressed and left

one hour later the phone rang ...hello you shaved my wife earlier !!

oh bloody hell don't tell meshe as gone into labour !

no he laughed she loved it she wants to know will you shave her again the week before the baby is due !!

so amongst my other shave peeps I am looking forward to shaving these two again !!