Written by Steve and Jane

5 Nov 2005

This is a long story but that’s because it is still vivid in my memory.

I really never thought it could happen. We have fantasised about having a mmf thingy for as long as I can remember but my wife has always said, “I don’t mind fantasising about it, but it’s never going to happen” So I have had to settle with reading other lucky peoples stories on here. I never ever thought I would be able to post my own story. How wrong I was, and her come to that!

The other Monday was Halloween and Jane and all her work colleagues had arranged to go to work in fancy dress. Although she always looks sexy I couldn’t believe she had the nerve to wear what she chose. It was She Devil outfit made up of a red and black basque that was heavily laced and boned. It was very tight fitting and supported itself well, so was strapless. It sort of had balcony bra cups that lifted her breasts up and almost out of the basque, so it really presented her 36c tits beautifully. It had suspenders attached and she wore black fully fashioned pointed heal seamed stockings. The skirt she wore is difficult to describe but try and visualize if you can about 8 or 10 pieces of red satin material each about 6” wide and cut to a point at the hem end. They each overlapped just a little and were attached to a waistband. It was just below the knee in length and as she moved the strips of material separated and exposed lots of leg. And yes, it was obvious to all that she wore stockings.

The weather was crap, it was pissing down, so she had to wear a coat but only until she got to her office.

Her thong matched the basque having been bought as a set. Other than that she wore some large gothic type jewellery with plastic clip on devil horns on her head and really heavy makeup, exceptionally high heals and carried a red Devils fork.

The thought of her sitting in her busy office with those delicate strips of material literally hanging open from the waist revealing her stocking tops and naked thighs drove me crazy all day. On top of that, she would have those lovely tits out on view for everyone to enjoy. I knew she would get more and more aroused as the day went on and I would be having a fantastic fuck as soon as I got her home but I didn’t dream it would be the realisation of our mmf fantasy.

The day went like this: -

She normally drives to work but I chose to drive her to work this day as I wanted as much time with her as possible and get the opportunity to have a feel between her legs en-route. I waited as she strutted up the few steps into her building and left.

Later that day I had car problems, the exhaust fell off, so had to get it fixed. The parts were not readily available and time was getting on so I was not going to be able to collect her from work in time. I had to phone her and ask if she could get a lift home, I was gutted as I was really looking forward to picking her up and groping her as I drove her home.

She text back and said not to worry she had a lift sorted. But then I got another text to say they were having a drink in the office after work anyway so would be a bit late, but she would still get a lift. As I pulled into our drive I noticed I was being followed by another car driven by Dracula. It literally followed me up the drive; Jane sitting in the passenger seat was all happy and giggly, still dressed up like a devil. She introduced me to Dracula, his name was Richard and I estimated he was about 10 years younger than us.

Jane was obviously merry but not really drunk and had already invited Richard in for coffee but we all opted for a bottle of wine instead. Evidently the turn out of people dressed up was very good and Jane said they had taken some photo’s for posterity. Jane asked me to connect her digital camera to the T.V. I soon got it set up and we watched the slide show. She had obviously let other people use our camera, as there where lots of pics of her in mucking about with other work colleagues. There were some very sexy women working in her office I thought! I never new witches could look so fuckable. They were sitting/laying on desks flashing stockings and cleavage, Jane included, blokes dressed as Dracula’s and the living dead were embedding their teeth into the girls necks.

I commented to Richard “how the hell did you guy’s manage to stay in control with all that talent, it looks like they were all asking for a shag” Jane piped up and said “they didn’t, several did get shagged didn’t they Rich?” He laughed and said “yeah, lucky sods”

I don’t know why but I said “Oh, and you two missed out I suppose? What a shame! Why didn’t you two have some fun as well then?” Jane made some, shut up, don’t be stupid comment, and I confirmed that they should have gone for it. Jane got angry when I turned to Richard and said, “you would of given her one for me, wouldn’t you?” As he answered “yeah” she flared up at me “bloody well don’t be stupid Steve, you would be well upset if I had” I adamantly confirmed the opposite. “Look you would even be upset if I kissed another bloke” Nope was my reply. Ok then, we will see, come here Rich and give me a sexy kiss. They didn’t kiss for long and I said, “see I am not bothered” They kissed again and this time she guided his arms around her back to get him to put his hands on her bum, and they kissed again and for quite some time. As they broke off I said, “See, still not bothered,” She said “you bugger, its only cos you know I am mucking about and not serious”. “Well bloody kiss him properly then, and get serious, I replied”.

Jane put her hands on Richards face and started really kissing him passionately. He responded and their bodies pressed together and they rocked very slowly together. His hands were moving over her bottom and lower back. I moved in behind her and kissed her on the shoulder and whispered, “you are so sexy, I love you so much. I looked at Richard and could see he was up for it, so I gave him a little wink to confirm my consent.

I carried on kissing her neck and shoulders and moved my hands gently down her body to her hips. I placed my fingers onto the waistband of the flimsy skirt and started sliding it over her hips.

They broke off from kissing for just a moment and she murmured, “oh my god, we better stop this” but Richard soon had his mouth covering her lips again as the skirt slipped to the floor.

She now stood in just a basque, stockings and a thong. I put my right hand between her inner thighs to finger her pussy and she moved one leg out to one side to accommodate better access. I felt her legs weaken and Richard had to support her and it was then I knew she was not only ready for a good fucking but it was going to happen.

They were both very nervous and apart from the kissing they were not actually progressing much so I said to Richard “can Dracula give me a hand down here please” Which made Jane let out a little nervous chuckle. I felt his hand coming in from the front and as his fingertips met mine under the gusset of her thong I moved my hand away and stepped back a few feet. They were both bent slightly forward and leaning against each other. Jane was breathing very fast; his fingers probed her wetness obviously doing the right things.

Well for Christ sake get his cock out Jane, I said. It was as if my words of command made it all right for her to proceed. Soon his cock was in her hand rubbing it back and forth.

I sat down on the sofa and said “well you two seem to be getting the hang of it now”

I started to remove my clothes and rubbed my cock and watched as they got onto the floor exploring each other’s bodies properly. Richard was soon between her legs and eating her pussy. Her eyes were shut tight as she moaned with pleasure. They moved about on the floor taking it in turns to suck cock and eat pussy. But I was getting frustrated again, as things were not moving quickly enough. I stepped in to remove her basque and thong and slipped my cock into her hole and slowly fucked her. I said to Richard “well, you best get your costume off if you going to fuck her too”

He stood up and ripped his cloak and other clothes off and then knelt down again by her face expecting to have his cock sucked again but I said “no! Oh no! I want you to make love to her, come on, take my place” I held her hand and kissed her as he got into position and I reassured her as to her how lovely she was and that it really was all ok. As his cock slipped up inside her I saw the nervous tension that had been so evident on her face up till then turn to relief and exquisite pleasure. She looked away from me; I think to save any embarrassment at my seeing any look of guilt give way to shear erotic pleasure.

She clenched my hand every time his cock thrust deep up into her. It didn’t take long before I knew she was at the point of orgasm. So I encouraged him to keep fucking her, I said “she about to cum, she’s going to cum, keep fucking her, no, don’t speed up, she likes it slow but all the way in, real deep. Keep going just as you are, your doing it just right, your going to make her cum, go on fuck her harder. As he pounded up to his balls she raised her legs and put her hands under her knees supporting her legs. That way she was wide open for him and he could penetrate far up into her cervix.

She exploded and went into spasm after spasm. Her whole body shook. Her orgasm lasted quite some time, much longer than usual. As she relaxed I lent over her face and put my lips onto her mouth and we kissed. Richard stopped his steady in and out movement while we continued to kiss but then he groaned, so I said, “Fuck as you like it now, its your turn”. His body gave quick short sharp stabs movements with his pelvis banging onto hers. I turned my head to the side and looked over her breasts and down her body but his cock was completely out of sight, lost up inside my woman, right up to its hilt. He really started fucking frantically and pumped his spunk into her until he had emptied everything he had.

Neither of us spoke for a while, he just collapsed onto her body and they both just lay there. Again it was me who broke the ice, saying, “Do you think I can cum now please” He and I changed places and I fucked her again. It could hardly feel the sides of her hole she was so loose and wet. The sounds my cock made were incredible, as it slid into their combined juices. I only managed to hold back for a few minutes before I had to let my spunk join the reservoir of seed inside her.

Jane felt very embarrassed immediately after and he didn’t stay long. She really wasn’t sure how I would react in the light of day either, so I have been making a big fuss of her all week. She seems ok with what has happened now and we have also had some fantastic sex every day reliving that event to each other, so lets hope it was to be the first of many.