Written by jonjon

11 Jan 2006

Things are hotting up a little for Sue at work since her escapade with Rob in the warehouse. He's been very attentive and never off the phone to Sue even though his wife works on the same shift.

Sue being the ever professional manager she is has managed to keep it cool and very much under control. She views all this as just a bit of fun but realises the possible implications if things get out of hand.

Monday afternoon Rob rang her alledgedly to query some invoices then asked her outright if another performance was on the cards. Sue hummed and arrrred making out it was a real big deal then told him he'd better come to her office rather than discuss it over the phone.

A couple on minutes later there was a knock on Sue's door and in walked Rob, big beaming smile on his face and according to Sue, a bulge in his pants. Rob sat down and proceeded to tell her how much he'd enjoyed it and how sexy she was. He wanted to fuck her for hours not just for a few minutes, and how he'd dreamt of cumming on her tits.

Sue asked if he could get away after work, Friday was the best he could do, he always went out for a drink after work Fridays.

By this time Sue was feeling 'hot', her pussy lips tingling like they always do prior to having it. ''You randy now'' she said.

''Am I'' Rob said grabbing a handfull of his bulging pants.

Sue asked if anyone had seen him come in and he said he didn't think so.

''Want to take a chance with a quickie then a full session Friday'' she said.

''What here'' Rob replied, ''No in the ladies'' said Sue.

With that they headed down the corridor and into the ladies. Sue looked at her watch, it was 7.45pm, she told him he had 15 minutes before she was due out on the shop floor so no messing about. Sue walked into a cubicle with Rob following close behind, she sat, Rob shut the door and Sue quickly undid his belt and zip and pulled his jeans and underpants down in one move.

Robs cock was rock hard and so wet Sue thought he'd already cum, she licked the end slowly and deliberately then devoured it in one smooth motion. Sucking cock is Sue's forte, she was born to be a cock sucker. She's a great shag but once her mouth is round it it's something else. I can just imagine what he was thinking. She gave him the treatment, nice and slow sucking, plenty of tongue licking followed by rough chewing, biting and a little deep throating. She sensed as she always does he wasn't far away so she stopped and rubbing it gently looked up at him and asked if he was enjoying it. He said he was and was nearly ready to cum. ''Not yet you're not'' she said, ''Sit down here''.

Rob sat on the toilet seat and Sue quickly undressed, the lot came off, that's daring even for Sue, she's normally a bit more conservative but she said she was so randy it was unbelievable. She straddled Rob and lowered herself down onto it slipping it straight into her dripping wet pussy. Rob took hold of her ample tits and began to squeeze, this prompted Sue to start girating on his cock.

She could have stopped telling me at that point, I've been there so many times and knew what was coming.

She gave him some of her up and down movement not just backwards and forwards, when she does that it's like your cock is in a vacuum, she has incredible suction power in those muscles.

She put her arms round Robs kneck and started to move backwards and forwards telling him how good it felt. Rob gripped her arse pulling her onto him as she moved forwards and dictating the pace she moved at. Sue stepped up a gear as she does when she's enjoying it, faster and faster, the sweat was now running down her cleaveage.

Sue was in control but telling him she wanted spunk shooting up her ''Go on cream me, please give me your spunk, shoot it''.

The thing with Sue is she always at just the right time, Rob explode and Sue just sat using her muscles to make sure all was captured. Rob collapsed against the wall and Sue eased herself off him. Spunk just dripped from her pussy all over his legs and she told him he could clear up. As she was dressing Rob asked if Friday was still on, Sue just told him to be a good boy and it was.

Sue went out on the shop floor a little later and one of the girls asked if she was feeling ok, she said she looked a little flushed. It was Julie, Robs wife. I told Sue she was a hard faced bitch but what I didn't know was that Julie's no angel, she was fucking a guy out of the plant. All's fair I suppose.

I did ask Sue why she hadn't cum, she just smiled and said ''That's for you'' we had an early night. Roll on Friday.