Written by Mr B

27 May 2005

I have previously told you about a right pain in the ass that I have to deal with in work who is a customer of my company.

When ever she is here we spend at least a night together. She is very tall with great legs and a tight little ass to die for. She does not live in the UK and comes here a couple of times a year.

Last time I posted my story, I told you she was coming to London and this is what happened:

She landed on the tuesday and i was not due to see her until the next day. But she had told me where she would be staying, so I booked a room at the same hotel.

I sent her a text message (SMS)and told her to let me know her room number by return. She did this and I called her from my room. She thought I was going to whisper filth to her, not the case. I told her to get her great tight little ass to my room. Surprise!!!!!!!!She could hardly contain her exitement. When she knocked on the door I let her in. She had a really (and I mean really) tight pair of jeans on. She looked like one of the girls from the ZZ top video "legs". She told me some guy had tried to chat her up on the plane and he had given her his number. Anyways, all I had on was a towel having just had a shower. That did not stay on for long. She had that off and her long slender fingers were stroking my balls and my dick was dripping like a tap.

It seemed to take an age to get her skin tight jeans off. This revealed a nice black g string. This had the effect of making my dick boil!!

She tells me she is shy. God I would love to know when. She took my dick deep in her throat, she is a real slut with my dick. I think my balls went in her mouth as well.

The lower half of my body seemed to go numb. I had her lower her great tight little ass onto my face, she was flowing like a river. Her puss tasted so bloody good. She then got up on all fours. With her ass towards me. She the spend the next hour or so trying to force my big hard dick into her ass. There was no way on this earth that it was going to go. I am not sure if she had sucked me so big and hard on purpose and then just done this to drive me wild or if she really wanted my dick in her ass.

She has never mentioned that she want he to fuck her ass before and I told her that this just made her an even bigger slut. This she seemed to like and went back to deep throating me. I still cant belive that I held on for as long as I did. But when I came, boy did I come. I got her face, her mouth, her hair and quite a bit of the hotel room.

She spent the next 5 or 6 hour pushing me around again and again. Until I could do no more. Then we slept. She then woke me up by putting my dick in her mouth and suucking me until I came again.

I was so glad to leave and go to work for a rest!!! ;-)

But we were back at it again seven hours later.

When I got back to the hotel, she had laid out her miss leather outfit on the bed!! black leather mini skirt, stockings and heels. But she never got the chance to get it on, we just started all over again!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to be seeing her again very soon and this time she is in for a real surprise!!!!!!