Written by Essexerfucker

8 Oct 2005

Barbara was in her early 50's large built lady with huge tits and her husband didn't show her any attention in the bedroom and hadn't for many years so I sent her a reply to her advert offering to pop round and give her what she wanted.I sent her a couple of pictures and a description of what I would do to her if she was up for it and she accepted and agreed to meet the next day at 11.00 outside her local pub.I got there at 11.05 and she was sat in a corner sipping a drink and I walked up to her and shook her hand and her large breasts juggled under her blouse which caused a stirring inside my pants.I got myself a drink and another for Barabara and sat next to her feeling her leg rubbing against mine we were soon chatting and she kept touching my knee saying she didn't think I would turnup and I whispered in her ear I can't wait to strip you naked and lay you on the bed so i can explore you from top to toe and after checking no one was looking I slipped my hand up her leg to the front of her panties and could feel she was soaking wet and I asked her if I caused that,she nodded.I told her tod rink up as we were wasting time and we were out of the pub and within 5 minutes I was psuhing her up against her front door running my hands all over the front of her blouse and then up her skirt yanking down her moist wet panties and she was breathing heavily as I undid her buttons on her blouse to see her tight fitting bra with her large moulds of flesh and I dived between them and when she managed to unclip her bra they burst forward so her erect nipples were able to be licked with my hungry tongue and I took each one into my mouth gently biting the nipple and sucking on it.

pt2 coming soon...............