Written by Alpheratz

13 May 2006

Shelly came out of her reverie with a start. She had been lying there, enjoying the pleasures and letting her mind explore her own erotic thoughts. She was lying on her back, a man on each side of her, Benny and the stranger, each of them sucking and licking one of her breasts. When they first started doing it was as though there was a wire connecting her nipples to her clit. Benny’s fingers were now rubbing her clit, whilst the stranger had two fingers deep inside her pussy. What had made her start was the fact that the stranger’s little finger had just stroked the entrance to her back door. Shelly had a stiff cock in each hand and in her surprise had squeezed them both. The stranger seemed to take this as a sign of pleasure, well it was, and now his small finger was gently wiggling back and forward just inside her ring. Was he giving her a hint or just trying to please her? I’ll decide who’s cock goes where she thought and in truth she hadn’t decided whether she wanted to fuck them separately, Benny really liked to watch her being fucked, or whether to be sandwiched between them; two cocks inside at the same time, she’d like to try that again.

Shelly’s mind went back to the first time she had let a man bum her. It had been Dom’s monster ten inch cock. That had really stretched her, but she was feeling so horny that night, she’d have tried anything. In fact, it was the following night when she had let Benny take her anally for the first time, that she really took pleasure from it. In some ways she regretted, that she hadn’t let Benny do it before, let him be the first.

But right now, what she felt would be a real turn on, would be to have another man, eating her pussy. I am sure I could manage three cocks, she thought, a wicked grin spreading across her face. Or maybe a woman eating her pussy. When she was very aroused her mind thought about such things. She hadn’t really understood why Benny found the sight of her being fucked by someone else so exciting, until that night with Dom and his sister. Watching Benny fuck Rona, had been exciting, especially with Dom’s delightful penis inside her. But what had really turned her on had been watching Benny, lying with his head between Rona’s legs giving her oral sex. Rona was just lying there and, well just coming. It was then she started to wonder.

More recently she had read the stranger’s story of a nervous first male bisexual experience and she had thought if Shelly was blindfold could she tell if it was Benny or a woman eating her pussy? And what would she prefer, to feel Benny’s cock on her lips and know she was having lesbian sex, or to have some-one straddle her face and find it was her first invitation to eat a pussy; an invitation she couldn’t really refuse.

Shelly though of her friend Pamela, who she had thought of asking to join them. It had been a while since she and Benny had invited some-one else to share their bed, some-how it seemed fair that is she had another cock, Benny could have another cunt. She’d caught Benny staring at Pamela’s breasts at that barbeque, Pamela in shorts and bikini top. They were a nice shape, not big by any means, but as Pamela had said, enough to please a man without him getting thoughts of having a tit wank. But what had surprised her about Pamela, was discovering that she enjoyed sex with another woman. Shortly after her divorce, Pamela had spent the night with some friends, a couple, they’d had a good dinner, some drinks and it just felt right to go to bed with them. Pamela discovered she found tits and a pussy more erotic than a stiff cock, and now she would occasionally reply to adverts and made up the numbers for an mff threesome. Don’t get me wrong she’d said, I like both, I still enjoy a cock inside me (and Shelly had told her about Benny’s eight inches), and given a choice between a cock and a vibrator, I’d choose the cock every time, but it’s the ff part of the threesome that I enjoy the most.

But right now Shelly had two cocks to enjoy, but first she thought pussy does need a little oral attention

She turned around and straddled the strangers face, her own face close to his stiff, wet penis. It wasn’t the biggest cock in the world, not as big as Benny’s, but how had he described it in the e-mail…..unexceptional but fully functional cock (and tongue). She teased his cock by letting her tits rub against it he was very wet, whilst his mouth engulfed her sex, his tongue licking and flicking against her clit. She knew Benny was watching and as the strangers tongue slid between her pussy lips and then inside her, she dipped her head and took his cock in her mouth. She like the feeling of a cock in her mouth. She thought sheepishly of the other day when she had put two banana’s in her mouth, to see if you really could suck two cocks at once. She could get them both in, but there wasn’t a lot she could do when they were in there.

The stranger’s tongue was now exploring the crease at the top of her legs, moving across the sensitive skin just behind her pussy. She had one hand holding his balls and her middle finger was tracing the same path between his legs. Suddenly she thought, he won’t and then his tongue slid across her ring. She wasn’t sure how to respond, it felt nice and it was unbelievably erotic, probably because she was so unsure. If he wants to put his cock in there, she thought he’s going to have to do something special in my pussy first. It was that, that reminded her of Benny, and her right hand went out to take hold of his familiar, thick and reassuring cock. A thought crossed her mind , why not.

Still holding Benny’s cock, she rolled off the stranger and knelt and on the opposite side of Benny. Kneel and face me she told the stranger. She smiled at Benny, knowing he was going to enjoy watching. She kissed the stranger deep and long, there were times when kissing another man felt more adulterous than fucking him. Her left hand grasped the strangers cock across Benny’s body, whilst his hands went up to her breasts. Time for a little fun. She knew Benny was nervous. He had come across the stranger by reading one of his stories on the SH site, a story about a bisexual mmf encounter. Benny didn’t know what she knew; earlier in the pub, when Benny was at the bar, she had asked the stranger, was it just a story. It was, but she thought, there’s no smoke without fire, and Benny had been the one who had wanted to set this meeting up. She took the strangers hand from her right breast, hold this for me she said, and guided his hand onto Benny’s cock. She saw the look on Benny’s face. She knelt up to make sure he get a good view of both hands on his cock before leaning forward and taking Benny’s thick cock in her mouth. She never did see if Benny reached up and touched the stranger’s erection, she was too busy giving some attention to his cock, her special cock.

Benny was close to coming, and Shelly felt it was time her pussy got some proper attention too. She knelt alongside Benny, he was going to get a good view. She had thought of straddling his face, giving him a bird’s eye view of the strangers cock sliding and thrusting into her cunt, but she knew how much Benny like to watch her come, and besides the bed wasn’t really big enough. Shelly handed the stranger one of the condoms from the bedside table. Get behind me satan, she said, and then her mouth went back to work on Benny’s cock. She felt the stranger position himself behind her, she knew Benny was watching enough for both of them, she felt his cock at the entrance to her pussy and then the stranger was inside her. She tried to match the rhythm of the strangers fucking with her own mouth on Benny’s cock as she gave herself up to the pleasure.

Benny had come first, just as she had planned, the taste of his cum still in her mouth as she lifted her head so Benny could watch and hear her own orgasm. And now she was lying between them both again, looking at the strangely shrunken cocks, men ‘s willies always looked funny after sex. The stranger was older then her and Benny, and Pamela’s words came back to her. She called it old man’s roulette……darling she had said try an older man, it takes him longer to get it up again but when he lasts a lot longer. And she told the tale of how she how she had had an older man, who when he got it up for the third time in one night, it didn’t seem as though he was ever going to come. There were times, Pamela had said, when even I wanted him to come, so he would stop fucking me, but looking back I am glad he didn’t. Shelly stroked the two cocks, which began to respond. She knew what she was going to do next. Benny was going to get a real show, she was going of take the stranger in every position she could think of, but she was going to keep her next orgasm for Benny’s cock. She would be on top and if the stranger wanted to knock on the back door………