Written by Lil Chris

26 Mar 2007

I've recently discovered that my wife has an exhibitionist streak. It started one night when I came home late from work. We live on an ordinary terrace street on Oldham, so the houses opposite face straight at ours. Our bedroom light was on and the curtains were open. I looked up and saw that my wife was undressing. I couldn't see properly whether she had any panties on but I could see that she had removed her bra in full view of the street. I hurried home and by the time I got there she was in her night cloths, but it was obvious she was turned on.

After I'd taken advantage of this and fucked herI was asking what she'd been up to and she admitted that at first it had been an accident, but that she had seen our neighbour across the road watching her and she said it was such a turn on that she'd carried on doing it. She told me that he sat in the dark waiting for her and that she had clearly seen him wanking on a couple of occasions as she'd stripped for him. I asked if I could watch the next time she did it and she agreed

The next evening his bedroom light was on, but when She switched our light on his immediately went out, but you could see his shadow looking through the window. I hid out of sight but where I had a good view of both of them. My wife slowly undid her blouse and then removed it, she slipped her jeans down and then did a slow twirl. Allowing this stranger to take in her body. She then faced the window and removed her bra. I was so turned on by her exposing her tits to this man that I was wanking by now. She ran her hands over her tits and I saw her nipples were rock hard. She then slipped her panties off exposing her naked pussy to this man. She looked around for her nighty. "Not yet" I said "Finger yourself for him". She looked shocked and then smiled and she slipped her finger into herself and began to masturbate in front of the open window. I was telling her that she would be making this dirty bastard cum and that he would be loving what she was doing for him and pretty soon she was cumming and so was I. So we switched the light out and licked each other clean.

A couple of weeks later she admitted to me that our neighbour had knocked on the door and thanked her for the show. She said that she didn't know why but that she had invited him in for a coffee. she told me how one thing had lead to another and he had fucked her over one of the kitchen units. At first I was angry and jealous, but the more I thought about it the more turned on I got and I asked her If I could hide and watch him fuck her again. She has agreed and I can't wait to see it.