Written by Jan

30 Mar 2006

Hi, I’ve only just discovered this wonderful site and love reading all the stories about other people’s experiences. I found the bi men stories fascinating and love the stories where men encourage their wife’s or girlfriends to show themselves to other men or even have sex with them – perhaps wishful thinking. I don’t think I could ever be unfaithful to my husband but there have been many times that I wished he be just a little more adventurous.

Think I’ve always been a little exhibitionist but never really had the nerve to do anything outrageous when I was younger. By degrees, as I got older, I became a little more daring and I enjoyed going shopping by myself wearing just a skimpy top with no bra and loved the thrill of men staring at my tits. Sometimes I’d feel so horny I’d strip down to my knickers in the changing cubicle leaving the curtain partially open so that someone might see me. Several times I had an audience but always lost my nerve and pretending to be shocked would pull the curtain shut. I was forever daring myself to pose nude, still a virgin ‘til I met my husband, so no one else had ever seen my pussy. But I always thought it to be just a little too obvious. Instead, I’d find a cubicle where I could lock the door, strip naked and spend ages playing with myself while watching people’s feet passing by from underneath the door – that was really exciting!

I met my husband at college but although we often went down the beach, shopping together, or even on holidays he never offered any encouragement for me to dress sexy. Thought I’d give him some encouragement and once dropped my bikini top while changing on the beach. Several men seen my tits but he hardly raised an eyebrow, so that didn’t work. He was okay if just the two of were together but I suspect that he was a little jealous if I wore something sexy while out with his friends.

But once we were married we began reading sex magazines together, as you do, with Fiesta being my favourite – just loved reading the stories. Then a couple of years later he bought a Polaroid camera and took some sexy photos of me. Thought things were looking up and imagined myself in the Reader’s wife’s section but it never happened.

I often used to fantasise that it was me in some of those stories with my husband encouraging me to have sex with a stranger. We’d be away for the weekend and I would dress really sexy, sitting on a stool showing much of my stockings and suspenders, no knickers, with a low cut top without a bra attracting much attention. That would have been nice but even better, I’d be invited to openly flirt until my husband choosing my partner would invite him back to our room. Depending on the story I’d sometimes fantasise having sex with a couple of strangers playing the submissive slut while my husband, directing us, took photos or even filmed us on video. Had lots of fantasies of me being in home made movies, performing with several men but part of the thrill was that copies were circulated around our village. Yeah, I know I’d die of embarrassment if anyone just seen nude photos of me but in my fantasies anything was allowed. When we were younger I’d always imagined much older, mature men but when I approached my thirties it was defiantly younger lads – really fancied the boy next door, really cute. Sometimes I’d imagined myself to be a stripper and if ever we seen a stripogram I’d be excited, especially if the lad was playing with her tits. I could imagine me down our local pub inviting all the lads to play with my tits.

But my favourite fantasy, my husband would be called away at a social gathering leaving me to be entertained by a group of men, perhaps his colleagues at work. For the occasion I’d be dressed in a nice sexy little dress, nothing outrageous but it’s not long before I notice that I’m very much the centre of attention. Each would insist on buying me a drink until I’m getting a little drunk and susceptible too much flirtatious conversation, returning many sexual innuendos. I’m aware that they take it in turn to stand next to me, looking down past my eyes to my breasts. Knowing that if I leant just a little forward they would have a perfect view of my now erect nipples and to complete the pose, I’d sit with my legs crossed letting my dress slide apart exposing much of my stockings with a hint of suspender. There was much touching, stroking even, of my bare arms and shoulders and the occasional hand to my knee with fingertips sliding to mid thigh just inches from my bare pussy.

With the evening coming to an end and no sign of my husband I make my way to my hotel room. But as I make it to my room I’m invited for a nightcap to the room opposite. Leaving message for my husband I join my host but am a little surprised that we’re not alone and confronted by four of the men from the group I’d spent much of the evening. However, although the conversation again becomes flirtatious it’s light-hearted that I feel comfortable with my hosts until another knock on the door. The remainder of the group, another four men walk into the room and the mood suddenly changes. I decide that I when I finish my drink I should make my excuses to leave but one of the men kneels behind me on the bed, gently massaging my shoulders. Now I can feel the gaze of every man upon me and I recognise the lust in their eyes. The hands on my shoulders become firm until I can feel the straps of my dress slide over my shoulders. I try to resist but another pair of hands pull at my dress, exposing my tits. I’m pulled back onto the bed with my arms pulled up above my head and with my dress torn away revealing just stockings and suspenders and bare pussy. Nods of agreement looking around the room, “she wants a good fucking”. This time I try pleading for them to stop, apologising if I had led them to believe but more hands pulled my legs apart until I could feel fingers probing my pussy, many hands now covering my body as if fighting for their turn in squeezing my nipples, several fingers stretching my pussy to a mixture of pleasure and pain. I could see the flash of a camera, knowing that every part of me was exposed and being abused. But still I tried to resist, still pleading until I felt many hands pull away but soon realised that they were only making way for my first cock. As if taking seniority, his was the biggest cock that I was ever likely to see and I feared that he would cause much pain but surrendering myself to the inevitable I could feel him easily slide his cock deep inside me, then surprised at the realisation that I was indeed ready for a good fucking. First the tension then the pleasure and excitement as I could feel him stretch my pussy as never before screaming that he fuck me hard and fast until I could feel his cum deep inside me. I was ready for more and offered myself doggie style that I was offered another cock to my mouth. Still I was hungry for more another two cocks eager to cum in my mouth and deep inside my pussy, some wanted to cum over my face or tits and I was eager to please another wanted me to suck his cock fresh from being in my pussy covered in several layers of cum, I was eager to be abused and delighted to experience anal sex for the first time.

Now I’m laying on the bed, exhausted, covered all over in cum, hands still exploring my body but this time I offer no resistance inviting fingers inside me watching others stand over me while playing with their cocks for another erection.

But then another knock on the door and I’m shocked to find my husband standing over me. But before I could attempt to offer any defence I could feel another cock inside me with the look of satisfaction on my husbands face. Again, each took it in turns to fuck both my mouth and pussy but this time more relaxed, with other hands exploring my body touching my clitoris while my pussy was full of cock and my nipples sore from much biting and sucking.

Finally, my husband reclaimed me and we returned to our room refusing to let me shower, promising a repeat performance if I was a good girl.

Ooh, that made me feel really horny. My husband did actually leave me while we were once at a wedding and I did flirt with several of his friends but apart from flashing my tits the rest of course is pure fantasy. Not to say that I didn’t have the opportunity, I once went skinny dipping with three male colleagues at a hotel swimming pool late one night. Of course there was the invitation of having sex with them but although I enjoyed the thrill of being nude and despite my fantasy could never have sex with them. Hmm, could have been another story if they had been strangers – perhaps!

Hope you liked my fantasies, byeeee.