Written by Anon

13 Apr 2006

I had split up from my long term girlfriend, Sara. Previously I had got on really well with her sister, Lilly and the three of us had regularly gone out and had even shared a flat for a while. Anyway, Sara had moved out for a few months and got a new place. After a while she got in touch and we started sort of seeing each other again. I was at her flat one day when Lilly arrived to stay. The day turned into something of a party and Sara said I could stay the night so I could drink but would have to sleep on the floor (she wasn't letting me back in the bed yet). As the night went on we drank heavily and eventually Sara went to her bed. Lilly was going to sleep on the sofa and I had the floor.

Lilly and I were chatting and draining another bottle of wine when out of the blue she asked me for a little kiss. She was a bit pissed but I walked over to her lying in her sleeping bag and began snogging her. She was slightly surprised but said wow and without prompting lifted her loose tee-shirt over her head to reveal her fantastic tits. She told me to suck her tits which I did and she started to squeal. She asked me if I liked her magnificent breats and I looked up nodding excitedly. I then worked my head down her body and peeled off her already moist panties. I asked her to show me how she touched herself. She said I was very naughty but then traced a finger around the hood of her clit and down to her moist opening. My face was inches from her pussy and I stretched out my tongue and began prodding her clit and licking her wet cunt.

Whilst doing this Lilly fingered her own pussy and then pushed her fingers into my mouth forcing me to taste her juices. With her other arm she reached out and lowered my straining boxer shorts and grasped my cock. She grew anxious and demanded that I fuck her. I got onto the sofa between her legs and quickly and easily entered her. Sara was asleep in the next room but that didn't stop Lilly from moaning loudly as I slid fu;lly into her and begqan rocking against her clit. I knew I couldn't last long and when Lilly suddenly shouted that she was coming all over my cock, I couldn't hold back and gushed my cum into her. I apologised for coming so quickly but she smiled and said that it was fine as she fully expected a repeat performance.

As I withdrew I heard Sara go the the bathroom and it was all I could do to keep Lilly from playing games. She lay naked with the door ajar, knowing Sara could walk past, fondling her breats and talking loudly about what I nice cock I had and how she wanted it between her tits. I silenced her with a lengthy snog and once Sara had drifted back to sleep I climbed back into Lilly's sleeping bag and fucker her again sideways from behind. Feeling her stickiness and my old cum excited me and we kept going for ages. This time I had my hand reaching rounding to cup her heavenly. After I came I sliped back nto my sleeping bag and went to sleep.

In the morning we agreed to keep it a secret and agreed it had been fun. We've since played around on the odd ocassions. She sucked me off at her mum's once and occassionaly send me pictures on her phone of her wearing stockings or cupping her tits.